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Finding the right skincare products has always been a struggle for me. In the giftbag I got from Beautyill were these products by RAU cosmetics. I was very excited to try them out, hoping they would be perfect for my skin. If you’re interested in finding out whether or not they are, keep on reading!

The first product is the Silver Facial Washgel. This is a facewash that cleanses your skin. It’s very mild and calming for your skin, so it’s really appropriate for those of you that struggle with sensitive skin.

I don’t have sensitive skin myself, but still, this product worked wonders for me. I was kind of sceptical about it at first, but oh my. My skin has never been this soft. It’s absolutely amazing.

Besides making your skin feel baby soft it also cleanses your skin really well. I felt like my skin was as clean as it can possibly be, and that feeling is absolutely amazing.

The RAU Cosmetics Silver Facial Wash is available at Rau-Cosmetics.eu for €4,80 (50 ml).

Next up is the Balancing Gel. This is nighttime moisturizer. I never use nightcreams because I feel like they don’t really work for me, but this made me change my mind. I think this is my fave from all the products I’m reviewing today.

What I like about it is that it’s a gel, which means it doesn’t make me feel oily and that it is really fast absorbing. I also like that this stuff actually makes my skin less oily which is something I have never experienced before. This stuff has really changed my life.

The RAU Cosmetics Balancing Gel is available at Rau-cosmetics.eu for €29,80 (50 ml).

Then we have the Sensitive 24H Cream. This is a daily moisturizer which is made for the sensitive skin. Even though I don’t have that, I do really like this product. What I like about it is that it’s not too greasy, but does moisturize my skin. It’s the perfect basic moisturizer for everyday use.

The RAU cosmetics Sensitive 24H Cream is available at Rau-cosmetics.eu for €24,50 (50 ml).

Last but not least we have the Silvercream. This is from the same collection as the face wash I showed you before. This one isn’t really made for my skin. Even though I love the facewash, I feel like this stuff doesn’t make my skin feel and look a lot better. It is a little thicker than the sensitive one and it isn’t as quick absorbing. I think this would be way better for people with normal/dry skin.

I do want to mention that skin care products are very personal. Everyone has a different skin type, so if this stuff doesn’t work for me it doesn’t mean it can’t be a great product for you!

The RAU Cosmetics Silvercream is available at Rau-cosmetics.eu for €26,80 (50 ml).

Over all I’m quite impressed by these products. I hoped they would be amazing, but I didn’t expect it to be. I love most of these products a lot, and I would really recommend taking a look at their site for more!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and let me know which skincare brand is your fave!

NOTE: The prices in this article are based on the 50 ml packaging. The ones you see on the picture are not.

6 thoughts on “RAU Cosmetics Skincare

  1. Ik kende het product ook nog niet! Maar inderdaad het klinkt erg goed, misschien ga ik het binnenkort een keertje uitproberen 🙂


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