Primark P.S. Love… Shimmering Body Lotion

Besides clothing, jewelry, shoes and bags Primark also has some beauty products in their collection. One of them is this P.S. Love… shimmering body lotion. I was very excited to test it so I did. If you’re interested in finding out if it’s a good product or not, keep on reading!

The bodylotion comes in a long slim tube. The tube itself is pink and it has a black pattern on it. It look kind of “seductive” I would say. The tube contains 200 ml of product, which is a nice amount.

The bodylotion smells floraly sweet. I really like it. It’s not really fresh, but it’s also not a warm scent. It’s a bit in between. This makes it really appropriate for all seasons.

As the tube already says, this is a shimmering bodylotion. Well, I can tell you shimmering it is. When I first applied it I didn’t expected to see very obvious shimmers. Well, that was wrong. This is one of the most shimmery products even. I do like it, but it looked like a bit too much at first. But after a few minutes – an hour the shimmers will not be really obvious anymore.

The bodylotion itself is pretty thin and not too hydrating. Of course it adds a bit of moisture, but I wouldn’t recommend using it if you’re struggling with dry skin. What I do like about the thin structure is that it absorbs quickly and that it’s not too heavy.

Over all I think this Primark bodylotion is a nice product. It’s fun because of the shimmers and it smells really good. It is definitely a nice product to give as a gift.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and let me know if you have ever tried a Primark beauty product!

The Primark P.S. Love… Shimmering Body Lotion is available at Primark for €3,50.

5 thoughts on “Primark P.S. Love… Shimmering Body Lotion

  1. Wat een leuke verpakking! En fijn dat hij snel absorbeert. Ik heb eigenlijk nog nooit huidverzorging van Primark geprobeerd, wel parfum en make-up.


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