Gosh Defining Brow Gel

Personally, I think that brows are one of the most important steps in a makeup routine. Therefore I think that finding the right products to make them look their best is an absolute must. Today I’ll be reviewing the Gosh Defining Brow Gel. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

The brow gel comes in this shiny grew mascara-like tube. The text is printed in silver and pink. I love the color combo a lot, even though I’m not such a big fan of the shiny grey. Over all I think the brow gel looks quite luxe. That’s a nice thing isn’t it.

The brush is basically the same as most mascara brushes. It’s quite big, but not too big. It’s really easy to apply the product with it. I think that is very essential because the brow gel is tinted, you don’t want to get it on places it doesn’t belong.

I do think that there is a bit too much product on the brush. When you over apply it your brows will look wet instead of nice and that’s not what you’re going for.

The one I have is in the color 003 which is a pretty dark brown shade. This product does come in a three other shades two. One of them is clear, so if your brows are blonde or you just prefer a clear brow gel, you can use this product as well.

The gel itself is pretty watery compared to the Catrice  one I used to use. I do kind of like that. The reason why I prefer this one over my Catrice one which I’ve been using for years is that this one doesn’t leave my brows feeling crunchy. Your brows will stay in place, but they just won’t feel like you’ve just sprayed a liter of hairspray in them.

Over all I could say I found a new favorite brow gel. I love that this one is actually tinted, keeps my brows in place and doesn’t leave them feeling crunchy. Because it comes in four shades it’s perfect for basically everyone.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and let me know which browgel is your fave!

The Gosh Defining Brow Gel is available at the drugstore for €8,29.

8 thoughts on “Gosh Defining Brow Gel

  1. So happy I came across your post! I’m looking for a brow gel for a while now. And this one sounds pretty amazing! Because indeed: we don’t want crunchy feeling brows right ^^

    x Aurélie


  2. Hij klinkt erg prettig. Ik heb zel;f zwarte wenkbrauwen, vrij strak model, dus ik gebruik dit soort producten nooit.


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