Kruidvat Master Perfumer

Most perfumes are pretty expensive. Sometimes a little too expensive in my opinion. Luckily Kruidvat has their own collection of perfumes too, that are actually affordable. Today I’ll be reviewing one of them. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

When it comes to the packaging, I wouldn’t say I’m a fan, but I don’t dislike it either. It’s quite basic. On one hand that makes it look quite chique, but on the other hand it makes it look a little too simple. I’m just not sure yet what to think of it.

The Kruidvat Master Perfumer comes in many different scents for women and for men. They come in different sizes as well. This one contains 50 ml, but they also have a pocket version that contains 15 ml.

This perfume is in the scent White Lily. It says that it smells like orange blossom lily amber. I have to say that I have never smelled those things in real life, but I can tell you it smells really good.

The scent is quite light and fresh. It obviously has a little bit of a floral scent in it too. I really like how light it is. I don’t always want a super strong heavy scent, so this one is perfect for that.

The perfume lasts for about 4 to 6 hours. Not as long as a stronger and way more expensive perfume, but that is what I kinda like about it.

Over all I think Kruidvat did a great job adding perfumes to their collection. It’s a great product for that price range. It smells good and you get quite a lot of product.

I hope you enjoyed this review. I’m sorry that it might not be available in every country, but if you ever go the Belgium or the Netherlands you know what to buy right!

The Kruidvat Master Perfumer is available at their stores and webshop for €7,99 (50 ml).

9 thoughts on “Kruidvat Master Perfumer

  1. Zo vaak zien staan! Ben wel nieuwsgierig maar ze staan hier achter de kassa. Vind ik zo vervelend om dan te moeten vragen dus laat het steeds. Maar zoals je ‘m omschrijft klinkt ie fijn! Hou ook wel van fris en ietwat bloemig!


  2. Oh deze parfum is zo ontzettend lekker! Ik ben er ook nog altijd super blij mee. Ik heb het geurtje bij mijn ouders staan en telkens als ik daar ben denk ik: wat een heerlijkheid!


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