January wishlist

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It´s wishlist time again! Today I´ll be showing you the products I would really love to buy. It´s always hard for me to make these, because I am incapable of remembering all of the products I wanted to put on it. Anyways, click the continue reading button if you want to see the items on my wishlist!

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The first two things on my wishlist are two Sleek palettes. One is called Showstoppers and the other one Vintage Romance. Showstoppers is a limited edition, and I’m not sure if it’s still available, but I found it on a Dutch webshop called beautyvoordeelshop.nl so I can get it anyways if I want to. I just love the colors in both palettes.

Another palette I really want is the Smashbox Full Exposure. It’s quite expensive but I’ve seen swatches that show that it is totally worth every penny. I would love to add that one to my collection.

I also have a nice highlighter on my list this time. It’s a dupe from the Benefit High Beam. I would love to try it.

Last but not least is the Barry M Gelly nail paint. I think those polishes are absolutely amazing. I would love to try some of their colors.

1. Sleek Vintage Romance €9,99
2. Technic High Lights €4,99
3. Barry M Gelly Nail Paint €3,99
4. Sleek Showstoppers €9,99
5. Smashbox Full Exposure €49,95

Naamloos 107

Makeup Revolution has been a real hype lately which made me want to test these products even more. They have so many amazing and affordable products like a brow tint, a pigment and lots of gorgeous palettes. I mean, that eyeshadow palette, isn’t that just basically wat love looks like?! And the heart shaped blush, it’s gorgeous! I hope I get to buy some of these products soon!

1. Makeup Revolution Lipstick €3,29
2. Makeup Revolution Flawless palette €9,99
3. Makeup Revolution Blush Heart €6,99
4. Makeup Revolution Matte Foundation €2,59
5. Makeup Revolution Brow Tint €3,99
6. Makeup Revolution Blush Palette €7,99
7. Makeup Revolution Baked Blush €3,29
8. Makeup Revolution Pure Pigment €1,49

That was it for this months wishlist. I hope you enjoyed reading todays article, and let me know which products are on your wishlist!

14 thoughts on “January wishlist

  1. I wouldn’t recommend the makeup revolution foundation. So watery and no coverage at all. Made me skin look soo oily!! But for the price it’s cheap enough for you to try out if you didn’t like it x


  2. Oeh lovely wishlist. If I may recommend: vivid baked highlighter (golden lights) from make up revolution. It is so pretty. It’s a dupe from NARS albatross. ❤


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