My Nailpolish Collection

I used to not be that into nailpolish, but since about a year I absolutely love it. Therefore I collected lots of nailpolishes which I’m going to be showing you today. If you’re interested in seeing my entire collection, keep on reading!

The first two polishes are by Kiko. The golden one is number 303 and the lilac one number 338. I really love these polishes because the quality is just amazing and they are super affordable!

Then I have these two Essie polishes. I really love these and I really want more of them in my collection. The pinkish red shade is called She’s Pampered and the glittery shade is called Leading Lady. I love to wear these together, but also on their own. The best thing about Leading Lady is that it’s not even a struggle to take it off!

Then I have two W.I.C. Herome nail polishes. Again, the quality is amazing. I bought these a long time ago and forgot about them, but when I put them on a while ago I was amazed. They are so incredibly amazing! The pinky shade is called Rome and the red one is called Las Vegas.

Next up are four NYC nail polishes. The three glitsy one are fron the Crystal Couture collection and are called Fashion Queen, NY Princess and Blue Majesty. The pink shade is called Spring Tulip. I really like them all!

Onto the Maybelline nailpolishes. I absolutely love Maybelline polishes. The quality is amazing and the colors are just stunning. The first one is from the Forever Strong Pro line and it’s in the shade Volcanic Red. The shimmery ones are from the Brocades collection and are called Rosy Rosettes and Knitted Gold. The Blue one is called On Ice and is from the normal Colorshow collection. The last one is from the Bleaced Neons collection and is in the shade Coral Heat.

That wasn’t it for Maybelline polishes yet. I also have 5 colors from their Super Stay collection. They stay on your nails for such a long time and the colors are gorgeous. The names are: Surreal, Rose Salsa, Extreme Blackcurrent, Moss forever and Berry Stain.

Then a few random polishes. I don’t really know where the first one came from, but I believe my mom gave it to me. It’s from the brand Constance Caroll and it’s in the color Heather. The one next to that is from Sans Soucis and it’s a very pretty pink shade. I’ve used this one with lots of love. The last one is by Rimmel in the shade Coralicious. I adore this shade. I think I’m going to do a review on this one soon.

Next up are three more random polishes. The first one is a very pretty hot pink shade by Essence in the color Think Pink. Next to that is the L’Oreal Color Riche nailpolish in the color Sky Fits Heaven. I got this one for free when I bought my straightner, but I don’t love the color. The last one is a mini polish by H&M. It looks really good, but it’s way too bloody for me.

Then I have three polishes by TBS. I did a review on these not too long ago. I absolutely love them, especially the mint shade. If you want to see swatches of these you should check out that review.

Then I have a few OPI polishes. Three are from the Nicole by OPI collection. They are called Boys ‘nd Berries, Sounds Grape To Me and Color Me Country. The one in the back is from the Skyfall collection and it’s called Die Another Day. That one is definitely my fave because I got it from my boyfriend.

The two mini ones are from the Nordic collection. I’m absolutely in love with the colors. I also did a review on these quite recently.

Then we have my Sally Hansen Miracle Gel collection. I absolutely love these, and I’ll be reviewing the ones I didn’t review yet soon. It’s just a lot of work to swatch them all. So if you want to know the names click here and here the ones I already reviewed and wait a while for the other ones.

Next up are four nailpolishes by Hema. I do really like the colors, and they look really good on the nails, but I just always forget to put them on. The first one is numer 441, the pink one 43, the peach one 813 and the bronzy one 209.

These polishes are from Ici ParisXL’s own brand called Only You. I do like them, but I don’t like the color of the second one.

Then I have two P2 polishes. One is from their Sand Style collection and it’s in the color Lovesome and the other one is just a basic topcoat. I really like the lovesome one. I love the color, I’m just not a big fan of the texture.

Next up are some polishes by Catrice. I used to love these when I was younger, but I’m not a fan of the quality anymore. I threw a lot of them out a few months ago, and these are the shades that I liked enough to keep. I’m not going to write down all of their names since most of them are probably not available anymore anyways. If you want to know one, just ask.

Then two Rimmel Salon Pro polishes. I do like them a lot, but I think the finish is pretty different and I’m not sure whether I like that or not. The peach shade is called Raggae Splash and it’s from the Kate collection and the lilac one is called Ultra Violet.

Then three Trind polishes. I review them not to long ago too. They are from the winter collection. For swatches and names, you should take a look at the review!

Then again, three random polishes. The firs one is is a manicure nail care thingy. It’s not really a nail polish. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’m going to do that soon! Next to that is the Sinful Colors nailpolish in the color Easy Going. This one is only 2 euros and has full coverage. Love it! The last one is by Essence. It’s a polish from their Hello Autumn collection that changes color when the heat changes.

Next up is a Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nailpolish in the color Gold Roses. If this isn’t called perfection, I don’t know what perfection is. I absolutely love this polish!

Then we have the gorgeous L’Oreal Les Blancs nailpolishes in the colors Lemon Meringue and Nouvelle Vague. These were in my 2014 favorite nailpolishes, so I think it’s obvious I love these two.

And lastly I have some nailcare and topcoats. I don’t use them too often. The only ones I use are the nail hardner as a base coat when my nails look devastated and the NYC clear nail polish when I feel like a topcoat.

That was it guys! I know it was a long article, but I hope you did enjoy it. Let me know in the comments which ones you would like to see reviewed and which ones are your fave!

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