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I’ve seen a new TAG going around lately, which is called the “the lovely TBS tag”.  As some of you may know I absolutely love the Body Shop so there was no doubt in my mind, I had to do this tag. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

What is your favorite product line from TBS?

This is a difficult question. For years my favorite scent was Shea. It was the first one I had ever tried and I loved it with all my heart. But a few months ago I purchased the Almond body butter and fell in love. That one actually beat Shea, which no other scent had ever done. Besides that I also really love the Glazed Apple line, which is new in my collection. But if I would have to choose only one, I think it would be the Glazed Apple line.

How many TBS products do you own?

I own 58 products by The Body Shop:

16 bodybutters, 9 showergels, 4 scrubs, 4 perfumes, 5 bodylotions, 4 skincare products, 2 oils, 7 makeup products and 4 lipbalms and 3 nailpolishes. I did go a bit crazy on the bodybutters, I know that, but they’re just my fave.

Which products did you repurchase?

I did repurchase the Shea body butter multiple times. I have 2 back-ups and one almost empty one right now, and I had a mini one before. I also repurchased the Shea showercream.

Do you also use skincare products by TBS?

Yes, yes, yes! I absolutely love their Tea Tree Pore Minimiser. I think that this is the best product that I’ve ever tried for my skin. It feels really good and makes my skin not as oily as it used to be, but I do still look healthy after putting it on.

Which special editions do you own?

My favorite one is the White Musk Sun Glow bodylotion and perfume. I bought this one during the January sale from previous year. This is just the perfect scent and I’m so sad they don’t have it anymore! I also have all Christmas LE’s except the Vanilla one since I kinda not like it enough to buy it. I also have the English Dawn showergel and some basic special editions like almond, blue berry, papaya, raspberry, passion fruit and vineyard peach.

Which scent would you like to see at TBS?

I would love to see something similar to the White Musk Sun Glow scent ’cause it’s just perfect. It’s summery and not too sweet. It’s kind of like summer in a bottle, but in a way it’s still wearable during the winter time.

Which product do you regret buying the most?

Well, I don’t know actually. If I had to come up with one product I think it’s the Gingerbread Christmas LE. Even though I do like it, I do not love it and therefore not use it enough.

What is your favorite perfume from TBS?

I don’t have many perfumes by TBS, so this is quite an easy one. My favorite perfume is the White Musk Sun Glow. I love it a lot!

What is still on your wishlist?

The Atlas Mountain Rose products are on my wishlist. I had a sample of the bodylotion and decided to use it one day and it ended up to be the most amazing scent I’ve ever smelled. I hope that collection will be added to my collection soon!

Which product would you recommend?

I would definitely recommend all body butters as well as their body lotions and perfumes. Another amazing product that I would recommend are the handlotions. They make your hands feel so silky and soft, it’s amazing!

That was it. I really hope you enjoyed reading this tag, and let me know what your favorite TBS product is!

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