Collective haul

January is one of my favorite months to shop. Most stores I love have their biggest sale of the year then, so I always make sure I set aside a little money for that. This January I also did a little shopping. Today I’ll be showing you everything I bought throughout the entire month of January. Keep on reading!

My all time favorite store during this month full of sales is The Body Shop. During the last week of January all Christmas products went from 50% off to 70% off. I obviously couldn’t let that go, so I decided to buy some stuffs. The first product is the Frosted Cranberry Body Polish. I’ve never tried a body polish before, so I was very excited to give it a try. Besides that I also got a showergel in the same scent.

The Frosted Cranberry Body Polish was €3,00 (before €10,00).
The Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel was €2,10 (before €7,00).

To make my Frosted Cranberry collection complete I also bought the bodylotion from it. I already owned the body butter, so now the collection is complete. I think it’s a really nice scent. It’s really one of my favorites!

The Frosted Cranberry Bodylotion was €3,00 (before €10,00).

Next up is a shower gel in the scent English Dawn White Gardenia. My mother really loves this scent, so I decided to get it so we can both use it. I really love this shower gel a lot. The scent is amazing and it works perfectly fine.

The English Dawn White Gardenia Shower Gel was €5,00 (before €10,00).

Next up are some products from the newest Christmas scent, called Glazed Apple. I was sceptical about it since I didn’t see that an apple smell could be Christmassy, but after I tried a product from this range, I fell in love. I bought the bodylotion during the first week of January, so it was only 50% off then. I’m glad I did since a week later it was completely sold out everywhere!

Because I loved the bodylotion so much, I also got the body butter from this range. I absolutely love the packaging. It’s gorgeous!

The Glazed Apple Bodylotion was €5,00 (before €10,00).
The Glazed Apple Body Butter was €4,80 (before €16,00).

Besides the body products I also decided to get the perfume and lipbalm from this range. I just couldn’t get enough of the smell. Normally I’m not that into the TBS perfumes (only the real perfumes) since I don’t like walking around like smelling like a strawberry, but this one is different. I really love it!

The Glazed Apple perfume was €4,20 (before €14,00).
The Glazed Apple Lip Balm was €1,80 (before €6,00).

Lastly from this Glazed Apple collection I got a little gift set. I wanted this for so long already, just because of how amazing it looked. Even though I already have the body butter and the body lotion in full size, I’m really glad I got this because the body polish and showergel from this range was already sold out.

The Glazed Apple giftset was €10,00 (before €20,00).

Besides body products, I also bought a lipstick. This one is number 13 from their Colorglide Shine lipsticks. It’s a really amazing, soft lipstick. I absolutely love the color and the texture. This one will definitely end up in a favorites!

The Colorglide Shine Lipstick in 13 was €3,60 (before €12,00).

The last TBS product is a born lippy. I’ve been wanting to try one for so long, so now I finally bought one. Beside that I also got two more lipsticks. One is by Catrice. It’s in the shade Red or Bad from the Ultimate Shine collection which will be leaving stores soon. I really adore this color. Lastly for the lipsticks is the Hema Pretty Lips Lipgloss. I love the look and the color of it. It’s already one of my favorite lipsticks ever.

The Born Lippy was €1,75 (before €3,00).
The Catrice Ultimte Shine Lipstick was €2,00 (before €4,00).
The Hema Pretty Lips Lipgloss was €4,50.

Some of you might know that I am the biggest Baby Lips fan in the world. So I bought two of the new Dr. Rescue Baby Lips. I bought it in the shade Soothing Sorbet and Coral Crave. I think there were only two others available, which I didn’t really like. But these, these are absolutely gorgeous. I will definitely do a review on them soon!

The Baby Lips Dr. Rescue were €2,50 each (before €3,99).

This one is pretty lame, but I also bought a new deoderant this month. I finished my old one, and I couldn’t find the same one anymore so I decided to try out a complete new one. This is the Sanex Dermo Protector deoderant. It doesn’t have any parabens or alcohol in it so that’s a plus.

The Sanex deoderant was €2,25.

Next up are two little thingies from Flying Tiger. I absolutely love that store. It’s amazing. The first thing really reminded me of when I was younger. It’s a little heart shaped thingy that you have to put in water and then it will become a little facecloth. It’s not like I really needed it, but I just really wanted it. The other item is a little pill case. The one I have in my bag is broken, so I really needed a new one. This is absolutely adorable and will hopefully not break as quickly as my previous one.

Both items were €1,00.

And lastly I got two little candle holder from Xenos. I have a little candle holder obsession going one, so I could not not buy these. They were on sale, so they were very affordable and they both look really good to me. I don’t know the exact prices anymore, but they both were about €0,70.

That was it. That was all I bought throughout the entire month of January. I really hope you enjoyed reading it, and let me know what you’ve bought throughout the month!

7 thoughts on “Collective haul

  1. Wat een heerlijke aankoopjes zeg! Vooral die van The Body Shop zien er erg goed uit, ik had zelf ook nog graag wat uit de Glazed Apple lijn gewild, want die ruikt zo lekker!


  2. Aaah, sale van The Body Shop is gewoon geweldig! Ik heb een Glazed Apple eau de toilette gekocht. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar de Rescue Me BabyLips.

    Ohja…ik krijg een mailtje dat je mijn privesite op wordpress wilde zien, maar dat is gewoon een testsite die ik ooit heb aangemaakt en waar niks op staat 🙂 Mijn blog is


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