The Body Shop Born Lippy

One product by TBS that always caught my attention, but that I never bought is the Born Lippy. It’s a lipbalm in a little container with a super adorable packaging that comes in a few amazing scents. Luckily for me, that changed. During the January sale I finally did it. I bought a Born Lippy. And today it’s time for a review. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

As I mentioned in my little intro, the TBS Born Lippy comes in a really cute packaging. It comes in this little jar with a sticker on top. The sticker has a color that represents the scent and has lips on it. I just love the way it looks. It’s reminds me of comic books.

The container contains 10 ml of product. Compared to other lipbalms I have that is not too much, but it’s enough. I have never ever finished any lipbalm in my entire life, so the amount of product doesn’t really worry me.

The one I have is in the Strawberry scent. It’s not really similar to the body products from the strawberry range when it comes to scent. This one is much sweeter, but in a good way. I like this slightly better actually.

The product itself is really gelly. It’s not a thick butter or anything. I really like that about it, because that way it doesn’t feel too heavy on the lips.

The product itself is red. I like that that is still visible when you put it on your lips. You won’t be left with a full on red lip, but with a hint of red, which is something that I love. As you can see on the picture, the texture is quite wet and gelly. It’s not thick, which was actually what I expected. I do actually love that it is this thin because that makes applying it super easy and that makes it last longer.

All together I think I can say that I am a pretty big fan of the Born Lippy now. I would really recommend it to any of you that just like a nice lipbalm with a hint of color that is not too thick.

The TBS Born Lippy is available at their stores and online for €3,50.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and let me know if you’ve ever tried a Born Lippy!

6 thoughts on “The Body Shop Born Lippy

  1. Deze heb ik in watermelon smaak! Toevallig van de week gekocht. Leuk dat deze je lippen een rodere tint geeft, altijd mooi, vind ik! Ik houd zelf niet zo van aardbeiengeur, dus de watermeloen versie is voor mij wat geschikter.


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