4x Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nailpolish

In the past I’ve done 2 reviews + swatches of the amazing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nailpolishes already. There were only four left I didn’t review yet, so that’s what I’ll be doing today. If you’re interested in reading a review and seeing swatches about these amazing polishes, keep on reading!

The first polish is called Hunger Flames. This is the only shimmery one in my Sally Hansen Gel collection. It’s a very pretty purple shade with lots of lighter purple sparkles in it. I wasn’t sure what to think about this color, but I ended up loving it. That happens quite often to me with these polishes. So if you’re not sure, just give them a try. Maybe you’ll end up loving them just like I did.

On my nails the color looks even better than in the bottle. It’s a quite “happy” purple I would say. It’s very bright and reminds me a bit of spring, which is coming up within a month. I’m really excited for that, and this color really gets me into that spirit.

When it comes to coverage I think this color is the best one yet. Most colors really need 2 thick or 3 thin layers in order to be covering enough, this one only needs 2 thin layers. After one layer it was already pretty impressive, but the second layer added that last bit of intensity.

This next color is one of my favorites from the entire collection. It’s called Tidal Wave, which is the most amazing royal blue color. I’m not that into blue nailpolishes, but this one really changed my mind. It’s the most classy royal blue color I’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely amazing.

This one was slightly less covering that the previous one, but when you apply three thin layers the coverage is perfect. When it comes to staying power this one didn’t disappoint me. Even though it lost a bit of shine throughout the week, it did stay. The only thing I really dislike about these polishes is that at some point it starts to wear off at the side of your nail. I hate that.

I did have a little trouble with applying it, which is kind of visible, but that’s my own fault. It was pretty late and I wasn’t fully focussed on it. Besides that I think this is an amazing color. I absolutely love it. It’s so bright, but not in a summery way. I think this polish could be worn throughout the entire year, which makes it even more perfect.

Next up is this really pretty orange color. I’m really glad that I now have an orangy tone in my collection, so I have something to put on my nails on King’s day (Dutch holiday when we celebrate the King’s birthday). Besides that, I also love it because it’s not too yellowy orange. It’s just the perfect orange for me, and I really love it.

This is what Cir-Cute looks like on my nails. I love the way it looks. I love that it’s a warm orange color. I think that makes it a lot prettier. I do think that it faded relatively quick on the edges, which I’m not a big fan of, but it didn’t chip for at least 5 days.

The last color is called Wet My Thistle, which is a really pretty light green color. I absolutely love this color for spring time. I think it’s really pretty and it reminds me of fresh grass and fresh new leaves on the trees. Even though I do like it, I do think it’s a very special and different color. This again was really a color I had to put on my nails in order to see it’s true beauty.

And lastly, this is Wet My Wistle on my nails. It’s a very pretty green color. I do think it’s a special color, and it’s definitely something I would normally wear, but after putting it on, I started to see it’s beauty. I only then started to realise how special and pretty it is!

That was it! The last Sally Hansen Miracle Gel review for now. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and let me know which color is your absolute favorite!

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nailpolishes are available at drugstores and other beauty stores for €12,99.

11 thoughts on “4x Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nailpolish

  1. Wet My Thistle reminds me of wasabi hahaha I really like it though! I don’t own many green nail polishes! 😀 Tidal Wave looks so beautiful! ❤ I'm going to pick it up when these polishes go on sale!


  2. Hunger Flames and Tidal Wave look sooo gorgeous!! I don’t have a nail polish in that shade of blue so I might go check if they have that colour in my country! Thanks for the review x


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