Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue

One of my all time favorite products are the Maybelline Baby Lips. Whenever they launch a new collection I go crazy inside and I just need to have them. A while ago they launched the Dr. Rescue collection, and I was more than excited to try them. After testing them for a while, I think it’s right about time to review them. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

The Dr. Rescue Baby Lips come in a white tube with a clear lid and colorful letters on it. I really love the look of the packagings. I think they look very clean and they actually really represent the Dr. Rescue theme. What I like most about the packaging is that it doesn’t look boring, but it does look a little like a lipbalm your doctor would give you.

The first lipbalm is called Smoothing Sorbet. This is the most colorful one from this range. It’s a very pretty berry color, which I absolutely love. The thing I love about this balm is that it has a really specific but nice scent. It smells like doctor, but in a good way. I like that about it, because it makes me feel like this balm is a little extra special than the rest.

Another thing I love about it is the color. I mean look at it. It’s super, super pretty. I love fun colors on the lips, but I don’t like to go all out so a tinted lipbalm is perfect for me. The best thing about this tinted lipbalm is that it’s actually tinted. That sounds pretty obvious, but trust me, it’s not always like that. I’ve tried so many “tinted” lipbalms that had just no color pay off at all.

The other one I’ve got is in the shade Coral Crave. There are two pretty similar peachy/coraly shades in this range and this one is, in my opinion, the prettiest of the two. This one is just a really pretty settle peachy coraly shade. I absolutely love coral, so I couldn’t resist buying this one.

If you’re not convinced yet that these Baby Lips are amazing, there is more! Besides them being actually tinted and the nice scent, they are also very, very moisturizing. These balms are just so soft and full of moisture, you can actually feel it when you apply it. I think that is what makes these Baby Lips the best lipbalms ever. They do a great job at being moisturizing, they look good and they tint your lips. Well, that’s all I am looking for in a lipbalm.

These are the swatches. As you can see Smoothing Sorbet is actually very pigmented for a tinted lipbalm. It really gives you that extra touch of color you want. I feel like it makes my lips look a lot healthier. Coral Crave is slightly less pigmented. I, for some reason, did expect that though. And I don’t mind either. It’s almost invisible on the swatch, but it does in fact give you the slightest hint of color.

All together I could say that these lipbalms are absolutely amazing! I think that Maybelline did an amazing job adding these to their collection. I would say that they should add more colors or an entirely new range, but I’m trying to save up my money so it’s no big deal if they wait a little while with that.

The Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue are available at the drugstore for €3,99.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and let me know which Baby Lips is your favorite!

15 thoughts on “Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue

  1. Ik vind het een mooi prijsje en een subtiel kleurtje maakt het alleen maar leuker! Ik heb heel vaak zere lippen, dus het is echt iets voor mij.


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