Favorite Body Products

Putting on a lovely bodylotion, butter or cream after showering is one of my favorite things to do. As well as choosing a lovely showergel to use underneath the shower. In the past few years I have build up quite a collection, and today I’ll share my favorite ones. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

The first product is this Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde showergel. The funny thing is that I got it for free with my order and I thought I would hate it, and now it’s in my top favorite body products. I just love how soft this product is and how soft my skin is after using it. The smell is a big plus too.

Another huge favorite is the Balea showergel in White Passion. I only bought one while I was shopping in Germany, and I really regret that. It’s so affordable, but so amazing. The quality is insane and the scent is so super good. I will definitely buy more of these when I go back.

My last two showergel faves are the Treacle Moon showergels. I have quite a lot of them, and I love them all, but the strawberry and cinnamon version are my absolute faves. I love how big the bottle is and how amazing they smell. It’s heaven.

Then I have a The Body Shop Bodybutter. This one is in the scent Almond. This is again one of those products I thought I hated until I tried it. It’s even better than the Shea version which was my favorite for over 3 years. It’s so moisturizing and it smells so extremely good. If you get the chance, buy this!

This Rituals Magic Touch has been my favorite for about 4 to 5 years now. I just love the scent, the texture and the way it hydrates my skin. The best thing about this is that the scent really lasts. I can still smell it the next day.

The last product is this Victoria’s Secret Pink bodybutter in the scent Warm & Cozy. I love the VS Pink products, but especially this one. I love how warm the scent is. It makes me feel warm, cozy and wintery. Even a bit Christmassy. I think this might be the best smelling product ever.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and let me know which body products are your absolute fave!

8 thoughts on “Favorite Body Products

    • De Body Shop butters zijn inderdaad heerlijk. Eucerin heb ik zelf nog nooit geprobeert, maar zoals je het zegt lijkt het me best een fijn merk. Die gaat op mijn wishlist haha!


  1. Die van Yves Rocher heb ik en vind ik heerlijk! Die VS pink bodybutter ziet er echt heavenly uit, alleen de pot al! Bij welke VS heb je ‘m gekocht?


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