Lush The Olive Branch shower gel

A while ago my sister gave me two lush shower gels, Hot Toddy and The Olive Branch. I didn’t own any Lush shower gels so I was very, very excited to try them out. Since Hot Toddy is a Christmas limited edition, I decided not to review it since you can’t get it anyway. Luckily the other one is in their normal collection, so that is the one I’ll be reviewing today. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

The shower gel comes in a small bottle, which contains 100 grams of shower gel. The packaging is really cute. It’s simple, but it looks really “Lushy”. It really gives me that hand made and natural feeling. I also love the little texts they put on their shower gels.

The Olive Branch is a very special scent. I have never smelled something similar to this. Not even close. I really love that about it, since that is what makes it special. I would describe the scent as warm with a little bit of sweetness in it. I’m not the best at describing scents, so if you really want to know what it smells like, I suggest you go smell it yourself.

A little detail I really love about Lush products is that they always put a little sticker on the bottle with the face of the person who made it. I really like that about it and I think it does add something. It makes it more personal. Like Bryn (the person who made this shower gel) made this particular shower gel just for me. Thanks a lot for that Bryn!

On the back of the bottle is a little bit of information on how to use it and a “top tip”. I love that they add a bit of humour to this part instead of just a basic plain and boring description on how to use it.

It does say that you have to shake the shower gel before you use it. I did expect that looking at the fact that the shower gel is separated into two layers.

When you have given the shower gel “a good old shake” this is what it looks like. The two layers have been mixed together and the shower gel has turned into a more creamy orangy/brown colour instead of a semi-see through gel.

When it comes to moisturising the skin, Lush has done an amazing job. This shower gel is so super moisturising. I absolutely love how soft my skin feels after using it! It’s so impressive. To top that off, you’ll also be left smelling super delicious.

Over all I could say that this shower gel has become an absolute favorite of mine! I have loved it since the very first smell and I’ll love it forever. This shower gel smells so super good and it’s so moisturising! I would really recommend giving it a try!

The Lush The Olive Branch Shower Gel is available at their stores and webshop for €7,60.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and let me know which Lush shower gel is your favorite!

15 thoughts on “Lush The Olive Branch shower gel

  1. I realized there was a lush in my city in January, so I have tried them and used them and loved them since! I’m more of a soap bar person so I looove “figs and leaves.” Some people say it smells a little old lady ish but fig is one of my favorite perfume notes, and it has exfoliating tiny fig seeds, and I think the scent is very fresh. It’s also moisturizing and makes me very soft. You make olive branch sound so nice that I’m tempted to try a gel, though!


  2. Hmmm deze lijkt mij heerlijk fijn! Afgelopen weken heb ik zelf Rosejam van lush gebruikt, maar die is helaas alweer bijna op. De volgende keer als ik weer eens in een Lush winkel ben neem ik deze variant ook mee ❤


  3. Deze vind ik ook heerlijk hydraterend, en de geur is zo uniek maar oh zo lekker! Een mediterraans geurtje, love it.


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