Top 5: Essence

A while ago I did a top 3 E.L.F. products. I really liked doing that, so I decided to do the same thing but instead of a top 3 I’ll be doing a top 5 today and instead of E.L.F. I am going to be showing you guys my favorite Essence products. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

The first product is the Essence All About Matt! make-up base. I bought this because I ran out of my previous primer, so I didn’t really expect too much of it. Surprisingly I ended up really liking the primer. When I use this my makeup will literally last all day, even my foundation and concealer, and I won’t get shiny as quickly. I really love this stuff!

Another product I absolutely love is the Essence lipstick in the shade Love Me. It’s the most perfect wearable pink color. It’s not too light, it’s not too dark and the texture is pretty amazing. This lipstick is so super soft. It isn’t sticky or heavy at all, which makes me love this lipstick even more. It also stays on for quite a while and when it fades, it doesn’t look weird. It just fades away gradually.

Next up are the Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencils. I have loved, and still love the crap out of these two pencils. They are just amazing! The colors are really pretty, they are super affordable, they last forever and they are pretty creamy but don’t smudge. I love that you don’t have to sharpen them, that makes life a lot easier!

The fourth product is the Essence Soo Glow! Cream to powder highlighter. It looks a little disgusting after you have started using it, but oh my, this stuff is amazing. I love the texture so much. It’s not creamy in an oily way, and it actually tuns into a powder when you apply it. This highlighter gives you the glow a cream highlighter would gives you, but feels like a powder. That’s just perfect!

Last but not least is the Essence Lash Princess mascara. I absolutely love what this mascara does to my lashes. It makes them so voluminous and long. It’s just incredible. The thing I don’t like about it is that it smudges like crazy. After an hour or two I’ll be looking like a panda. I’m not sure whether that’s just me or the mascara, but I do still love it.

That was it for today guys! I hope you enjoyed reading this little top 5 article, and let me know which Essence products are your favorites!

3 thoughts on “Top 5: Essence

  1. I actually never buy Essense products. I always associate Essense with teenage girls and I know that´s bad because Essense has realy great stuff!


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