Favorite budget proof eyeshadows

Eyeshadow has always been my favorite makeup product. Therefore I love trying new brands and colors. In today’s article I want to show you guys my very favorite budget proof eyeshadows. The eyeshadows I would recommend if you’re looking for a great product, but you don’t want to spend too much money on it. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

The very first little palette is by Catrice. It’s their Absolute Nude palette. I bought this a while ago and I have used this like crazy. The champagny color is just perfect. This palette is perfect for your everyday look, but it’s also perfect for a neutral but slightly darker look since there is such a big variety of darker browns in the palette.

When it comes to pigmentation this palette is a big hit. The color pay off is amazing. It’s not as amazing as Sleek or Urban Decay, but for a drugstore product, I’m impressed. If you’re not that into the colors that are in this palette, you could also go for the Absolute matte or if you want to go for a more colorful look the absolute bright. The only one I wouldn’t really recommend is the absolute rose.

The Catrice Absolute Nude palette costs €4,99.

Next up is the MUA Undressed palette. MUA has a few more amazing budget proof eyeshadow palettes, but this one is my absolute favorite. The palette is pretty similar to the Urban Decay Naked palette and the pigmentation is amazing. My favorite color is the pinky one, but I think that’s pretty visible.

The thing I love about these MUA palettes is that you get 12 colors. When you buy a palette like this one you can go all the way. You can go black and blue, pink and brown, gold and blue, whatever you want. Another amazing thing about it is that it also contains a few matte shadows. That’s always a plus.

The MUA Undressed palette costs €5,99.

When it comes to Catrice my very favorite products have to be their Liquid Metal eyeshadows. I mean look at them. The pattern is really pretty and the shadows are super shimmery and just gorgeous. I love how pigmented these two are. I bought these quite a long time ago, but I still actually use them. They are in my opinion the best mono eyeshadows you’ll ever find in the drugstore!

The Catrice Liquid Metals cost €3,99.

Essence has some great eyeshadows too. I’m not a big fan of their mono’s, but these little quats they have are actually amazing. This palette is called “To die for” and contains four really pretty neutral eyeshadows. If you’re just starting off with eyeshadows these are amazing. You can create a pretty light and neutral look with it, as well as a darker evening look.

The pigmentation is also  very impressive. All four shades are highly pigmented and very easy to blend.

The Essence Quattro eyeshadow palette costs €2,99.

Next up are two more Catrice eyeshadows. I have quite a few of them and honestly not all of them are amazing. Luckily some of them are. I really love the darker brown shades. The not too chuncky and shimmery ones. The ones on the picture are both really pigmented and are pretty easy to blend.

The Catrice mono’s cost €2,89.

And last but certainly not least my very, very favorite budget proof eyeshadow palette. This is the Sleek Storm palette and I feel like this might be the best palette in my collection. The pigmentation is just insane and the colors are very intense and blendable. I love how diverse the colors in this palette are. I honestly think these shadows are slightly better than MAC ones.

I think that this Sleek palette, as well as the MUA palette are great palettes to start off with. When you buy a palette like these you can create neutral looks, but you can also experiment with more extreme party looks or smokey eyes.

The Sleek Storm palette costs €9,99.

That was it guys! My favorite budget proof eyeshadows. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and let me know which budget proof eyeshadows are your favorites!


14 thoughts on “Favorite budget proof eyeshadows

    • I bought the Sleek palette online, it’s available at sleepmakeup.com and the MUA palettes are available at Kruidvat, Superdrug and muastore.com!


  1. When I was younger I used to be ignorant and think that Mac eyeshadows were the best and there was no use in buying drugstore ones… Then I brought the mua palette and I hate to admit it but they are pretty much on par if not better than Mac!


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