My first makeup products

Everyone started off somewhere when it comes to makeup. Looking back on it I’m not always that happy with the choices I made back then (like too dark foundation, not blending my eyeshadow), but I still think it’s fun to look back at the products I used back then, and whether or not I would still use or do actually still use. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

Let’s start this post off with my first ever blush. This one is by Catrice. I bought this about 5 years ago, so it’s pretty old. I didn’t know anything about makeup, nor did I know what blush exactly did and which color would look good on me. I decided to go for this peachy shade which ended up being amazing. I still really love the color and I also love the packaging. I think Catrice’s old packagings looked way better than the ones they have now!

One day I decided I wanted to try eyeshadow. I bought a couple of shades, so there will be a few more first eyeshadows, but this is one of my most loved palettes. As you can tell two shadows are gone. They literally fell out of the packaging and broke. I tried to fix it but they kept falling out so I gave up. I do still kind of like the colors, even though I wouldn’t use them now any more just because of the quality. I am glad that I stuck to the neutrals and I got these not that pigmented shadows because if I went wrong (which I did) it would at least not be that out there.

Next up is this 2True eyeshadow duo. As you can tell this one again misses one shadow. What is up with eyeshadows falling out of the packaging?! The shade that has left us was a pretty nice gold shade and the other one is brown. The thing with this duo is that the quality is just horrible. Especially when you’re not that good at makeup it’s pretty hard to create something decent with this.

The last two eyeshadow palettes are from Paris Memories. I bought this because I read somewhere on the internet that these would be extremely pigmented and amazing and obviously cheap. Well I can tell you they are not pigmented at all and the texture is horrible. If almost feels like you’re trying to put newspaper on your eyelids. Nope, I don’t recommend these two little ones.

Next is my first ever tinted lip balm. This little jar is from the Essence Berlin Limited Edition. I was kind of into the LE products and I felt like I needed it. I actually really love this lip balm. Even though it’s not as amazing as the Baby Lips, it does add quite some color and it feels pretty good on the lips.

Then we have the NYC loose eyeshadow. To be honest, I have never even used this. I swatched it on the back of my hand realised that it wasn’t actually visible and that the color is just not what I wanted and never looked at it again. The Catrice primer is a completely different story. I was so proud that I bought a primer (WHY?!) and I was very excited and used it for quite a long time. Only a few years ago I realised this stuff makes my skin feel like olive oil. How did I manage to live with that for such a long time?

Then we have this Maybelline lipstick. I bought this thinking that I was super cool buying a Maybelline lipstick. Maybelline is pretty expensive out here (a lipstick is between €10-€15) so I felt like I was really professional. I didn’t actually realise that this color is just not what a 13 or 14 year old girl should be wearing. This finish is just ugh and the color itself is not that pretty too. I could see a older person rocking it, but the 13-14 year-old me shouldn’t have done that.

There has also been a time in my life when I though I had to buy lots of red lipglosses. Not realising I would probably never wear them ’cause I didn’t even feel comfortable wearing colors like this. Now I would actually wear them, but back then I shouldn’t have bought them.

The very last product is this Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. I still love this foundation today and every now and then I still use it. The thing is that I didn’t realise back then that I’m not tanned at all. I’m very pale so this color was obviously not right for me.

That was it! I hope you enjoyed today’s post and let me know what your first makeup products were!

9 thoughts on “My first makeup products

  1. Haha super fun! I can’t even remember my first make-up products. I guess it was a mascara from Miss Sporty .. not sure. But hey, it’s more than 10 years ago so don’t blame me haha! I think it’s cool that you still have your first make-up products.


  2. Wat super leuk om dit te lezen! Ik weet echt oprecht niet meer wat mijn eerste make-up producten waren (op hele goedkope, lelijke, goedkoop ruikende barbie make-up na).


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