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A few weeks ago I won a skin care set. I was very excited to try the products so I did. Now, after I’ve been using them for a while I figured it would be nice if I did a review on the products. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

The first product I want to discuss today is the Ritzo Day moisturising cream. On the front it says sensitive skin, but on the back it says that this moisturiser is perfect for combo to oily skin. The fact that it says that made me really excited because that means it’s perfect for my skin type.

The moisturiser comes in a pretty simple and clean white tube with some black and silver detailing. I do like the look of it. It’s simple, it’s clean and it works. The fact that it comes in a tube is a plus as well, since that is way more hygienic than a jar.

On the back it says that this moisturiser softens and clearifies your complexion and that it gives you a pretty, matte finish. The moisturiser is supposed to be fresh, transparent and it sinks into skin quickly. This moisturiser should be a great base for your makeup.

Well, I think Ritzo didn’t lie. I like the way this moisturiser works, and I do actually feel like it makes a difference. Most moisturisers I have tried didn’t make me oilier, but it didn’t improve anything as well. This one does. When I use this moisturiser my skin will be all matte all day.

The cream itself is pretty thick. It’s thicker than I expected, which made me think it wouldn’t work for me. Luckily it does work. The only difference between this moisturiser and other moisturisers I use is that this one takes longer to sink into my skin. Even though Ritzo promised it to be quickly absorbed, it takes a little longer.

Over all I’m glad I got the opportunity to test this moisturiser. I was positively surprised by the way it made my skin feel and look, and I’m pretty sure I’ll use this one until it’s completely finished.

The Ritzo Moisturising Cream Day costs €14,95.

Naamloos 27

Next up is the Ritzo Rebalancing Night  cream. I’ve never really been into night time moisturisers since they just didn’t really work for me. This one is supposed to be amazing for my skin type, so I was more than happy to try it.

This one comes in almost similar tube as the day moisturiser. The difference is that this one has a black lid and the day moisturiser has a white one. I again like the look of it. It might also be nice to know what a tube contains 50 ml of product. I think 50 ml is a decent amount.

Naamloos 26The night cream has some information on the back as well. It says that this moisturiser will recover your skin while your sleep. It also says that this moisturiser is calming and that it will bring your skin back in balance. This moisturiser is supposed to prevent you from getting any new pimples.

Even though this moisturiser kind of focusses on acne prone skin, which I don’t have, I like it. First of all, the smell. It’s A-MA-ZING! It’s perfect. It literally smells like heaven. I love that a lot. I also feel like this stuff actually does something for my skin. When I wake up my skin feels moisturised and clean, not oily at all.

The consistency is almost the same as the day moisturiser, but it’s a little thicker and more nutritious for your skin. It’s a pretty thick cream which made me feel like this was going to make my skin as oily as a frying pan, but it didn’t. It just didn’t. Instead this product left my skin feeling super amazing. I really love it!

Over all I feel like this moisturiser is perfect for anyone with combo to oily skin. The thickness of the cream might be scary at first, but trust me you’ll love it!

The Ritzo Night Rebalancing Cream costs €12,95.

Then I have the Ritzo Sensation Cleanser. This is a gel to milk cleanser. It isn’t super foamy at all because there are no soapy ingredients in it. For those of you who don’t know, the ingredient in most shower gels, shampoo’s or basically anything that is foamy called SLS is what makes it foamy.The thing is that SLS is actually pretty harsh and it will dry out your skin. So if you’re struggling with dry or sensitive skin, I would recommend avoiding products with SLS. This product doesn’t have any SLS in it, which means it’s very gentle.

Besides that this cleaner contains macademia oil which makes your skin super soft and silky. This way your skin will be clean and moisturised at the same time.

The cleanser itself is clear. It’s a pretty thick gel that when you blend it into your skin will turn into a milky consistency. Even though I actually like foamy cleaners since they give me that clean feeling, I  like this one too. It’s super gentle for your skin and it doesn’t feel dry when you wash it off of your skin.

When it comes to removing your makeup this product doesn’t do a horrible job at all. I do feel like there are better removers out there, but most of your makeup is gone after using this. The thing is that after using it I feel like I just need to use a tonic or something like that to get that super clean feeling.

The Ritzo Sensation Cleanser costs €9,95

The next product is the Sensation Cleansing Milk. This one comes in a complete different packaging than the previous products. This one comes in a long slim tube with a pump on top. I absolutely love the look of it. Over all I do feel like these Ritzo products look very luxurious and they are all very easy to use.

The thing with the little pump is that because the product that is in here is pretty fluid, it will spritz out pretty hard. You can aim it at your hand, but it  for sure will spritz into your face or your wall or floor as well. Even though I like the look of it, it’s not that efficient.

On the back is says that this cleanser is mild and that it hydrates your skin. It will remove all bits of makeup that are left and it will leave you with clean and relaxed skin. It also says that this product is perfect for sensitive or dry skin.

I agree with the fact that it’s mild and hydrating, but milky cleansers are not my favorites. I prefer the oily ones because they remove way more makeup and they won’t give you that “there is still something on my face” feeling.

As you can tell the consistency is very fluid. One pump releases quite a lot of product. I personally don’t mind that since I need this amount anyway, but it’s not ideal.

Over all I have to say I’m not let down by this product. It’s better than I expected and it does leave my skin feeling hydrated. Even though I prefer oily removers, this one is not bad. It’s especially perfect for those of you who have dry or sensitive skin.

The Ritzo Milk Cleanser costs €11,95.

The very last product is the Sensation Shower Scrub Cream. This is a body scrub, so you’re not meant to use this on your face. The product comes in the same packaging as the moisturiser, but it’s a bit bigger.

On the back it says that this scrub is a combination between a cream and a scrub which removes dead skin cells and leave you with healthy, smooth and shiny skin. It’s appropriate for all skin types.

I have to say that I’m not much of a scrubber, I just think it’s way too much work and there is no real big difference. Even though I don’t use things like this often I decided to give it a try anyway. If it doesn’t work, at least I smell good.

I have to say that the consistency reminds me of something I’m not going to say. It’s not clear but not full on white as well. It’s a bit gelly and it has some little scrub particles in it. I like that the scrub particles aren’t huge. This way it’s a lot less harsh for your skin.

Over all I have to say I do like the way this product works. It’s not harsh, it’s not painful, but it does leave you with soft and silky skin. I feel like this one does actually add a bit of moisture to the skin which is obviously a big plus. I feel like this product has really changed my mind when it comes to scrubs. It’s actually pretty nice!

The Ritzo Sensation Shower Scrub Cream costs €9,95.

That was it guys! I know it was a long one, but I hope you enjoyed reading it anyway! Let me know what your favorite skin care brand is!

The Ritzo Cosmetics products are available at Ritzocosmetics.com.

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  1. Hoor de laatste tijd steeds meer over dit merk en ben nieuwschierig geworden. Vooral de nachtcreme spreekt me aan, en ben er ook nog naar op zoek ^^


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