Essence Like An Unforgettable Kiss Duo Blush

Essence came out with a new Limited Edition. It’s called “Like an unforgettable kiss”. This collection consists out of a few really cute products. One of the products from this collection is this blush heart. Today I’m going to be reviewing it. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

The blush obviously comes in a heart shaped box. The fact that the box is heart shaped makes the blush about 10 times better. It’s just adorable. On the front it says “like an unforgettable kiss” in a really pretty font. I think Essence did a great job creating this packaging. They should put something like this in their normal collection.

In the collection are two different shades. I bought the peachy one. The other one is really pretty as well, but I prefer warmer shades. The color I have is called “Nothing but lovestoned” which consists out of a very light peach color and a bright peach color. I really love both of them!

As I mentioned before Nothing but lovestoned is the peachy version. Both colors are completely matte which I really love about them. Because they are matte they are very wearable. The blush looks good with basically any look and the color is not too extreme. It’s actually a pretty settle color. It isn’t as extremely pigmented as some other blushes, but I’ll come back to that later.

The thing that makes this blush so perfect is that you actually have three blushes in one. You can either use only the light side, only the darker side or you can use them together. You could also put the darker one on your cheeks and use the lighter color as a highlighter. I really feel like this is a multifunctional product!

It was actually really hard to capture the colors on camera, but I tried. As I mentioned before the blush colors are very settle and they are not super pigmented. To me they are pigmented enough. I prefer blushes like this over extremely pigmented ones, since you can’t really go wrong with this one while you can easily go wrong with a super pigmented one.

The thing that surprised me was the way this blush looks on the cheeks. It gives you a super pretty but natural look. It’s not like you just came back from the cold, also not like you’re turning into a tomato, it’s different. It gives you a bit of a sweet pinky cheek. I love it so much!

Over all I’m happily surprised by this blush. Essence did such a great job putting these out there. They are available till the end of March (correct me if I’m wrong), so you can still get them. I really recommend doing that ’cause you really won’t regret it.

The Essence Like an unforgettable kiss duo blush is available at the drugstore for €4,- (or €1,65 at the DM drogerie in Germany).

I really hope you enjoyed reading this review, and let me know whether you think this blush is a hit or not!

10 thoughts on “Essence Like An Unforgettable Kiss Duo Blush

    • Hij is inderdaad erg mat, maar dat vind ik er juist zo mooi en speciaal aan. Op de wangen ziet ‘ie er goed uit, hij geeft een subtiele frisse look!


  1. Dit doosje alleen al is super cute! Ik heb dit limited edition product helaas nog niet tegengekomen in de winkel, anders had ik het waarschijnlijk al lang gekocht, want het is altijd leuk om limited edition make-up bij je verzameling te hebben. Leuk review!


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