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Twice a year Essence and Catrice update their collections. So products will leave, and others will come in their place. Today I will be reviewing one of Essence’s new products. It’s called “Lip candies”. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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The Essence Lip Candies come in a relatively small round tube. It opens up like any other lipgloss and the applicator is like normal as well. The packaging is partly transparent and has a white lid. I like that the bottom part is transparent because this way you can clearly see the color you are dealing with.

Another thing I like about the packaging is the font they used to write the word “lip candies”. I really like the look of it. Even though it looks slightly young, it’s pretty.

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The thing that makes the Essence Lip Candies different than other lipglosses is that this one is not actually called a lipgloss. They call it “beautifying lip care”, which basically means it’s a lipgloss that also moisturises your lips a bit.

I have to tell you guys, Essence is not lying when it comes to the lip care part. I wasn’t expecting much of it but when the color completely faded, my lips felt softer than they did before. I really like that! You now don’t have to use a normal lipbalm before, you can just put this product on and your lips will look pretty and will end up being super moisturised! Score!

Naamloos 40The color I chose to buy is called “02 Sugar Shock” which is the most gorgeous corally pink shade. I love coral shades a lot, especially when they have a pink undertone. The color is very wearable, but it isn’t boring. It’s not one of those plain pink colors that are barely interesting at all. No, this is actually amazing.

The lipgloss looked shimmerless to me when I bought it, but when I looked more closely at it I realised there is a very light shimmer in it. This shimmer is barely visible on the lips, so don’t worry about it, but it might be nice to know it’s there.

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When it comes to the coverage I would say this gloss is decent. It’s not the most pigmented gloss, but it does actually add color. Something I love about this product is that it is not sticky at all. Most lipglosses are sticky as crap which is not the best feeling in the world. This lipgloss actually feels like a lipbalm but a little teeny tiny bit sticky. Not super sticky at all.

Besides that I also feel like the staying power is pretty amazing. Of course it doesn’t survive a meal or a drink, but cycling all the way to school and talking a lot along the way doesn’t make this baby go away. That’s pretty impressive.

Overall I’m very, very happy with this product. I wish I got some more colors. This might be one of the best lipglosses I have tried so far. I absolutely love it and recommend it to anybody. I’m usually a lipstick person too, but this stuff is definitely worth the try!

The Essence Lip Candies are available at the drugstore for €1,99(!!!).

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and let me know which lipgloss is your favorite!

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