The Bed Time TAG!

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A little while ago the lovely Fleur from Beautyminatii tagged me to do the Bed Time TAG. I think it’s really sweet of her to tag me and since I really enjoyed reading her version, I decided to do it myself too. So, if you’re interested, you should kind of keep on reading!

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What are your favorite pyjamas?

I actually have lots and lots of pyjamas. For some reason I enjoy buying new ones way too much which ended up in me having a real pyjama collection. When it comes to pants I love the ones I got for Christmas from my boyfriends mother and when it comes to a shirt my all time fave is my pug pyjama shirt from Primark. I’m a real pug lover (a real big one) so that is a pretty obvious one.

Current bed time reading?

To be honest I don’t read too often. I just finished the book “A Long Way Gone” by Ishmael Beah because I had to read that for my IB exam, but I’m not really planning on reading anything else any time soon. I do have to say that A Long Way Gone is a great book. It was a heavy read and it was very touching and horrifying at times, but I do feel like I actually learned something from it.

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What is on your bedside table?

My bedside table is my beauty cabinet. So on top are my perfumes, my favorite palettes, a candle, my alarm and a bottle filled with water. In the cabinet I store my makeup, body products and my medicines and some pillow mists.

Favorite sleepy scent?

My all time favorite sleepy scent is the Rituals Pillow Mist, the green one. It smells so super amazing. Even though it doesn’t really help me fall asleep, it’s still amazing. If you’re looking for something that will actually help you fall asleep you should go for the TBS Pillow Mist.

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What is your usual bedtime & wakeup time?

On weekdays I go to bed at 10 PM and wakeup at 6:15 AM. I have to leave the house at 7:30 AM and since I’m a slow human being in the morning I have to wake up super early. During breaks or weekend days I usually just sleep until I wake up which has been about 9 AM lately (I just can’t sleep long any more) and on Sundays I like to wakeup at 10 AM. Bedtimes are not planned on not-weekdays.

Top 3 bedtime products?

Hmm, that’s a difficult question. I to cover myself in a lovely bodybutter before I go to sleep. I really like the TBS Glazed Apple, Mango and Almond one a lot, but there are lots of other ones I love.

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Your most common sleeping position?

My most common sleeping position is the “foetus” as Google calls it. This is when you sleep with one hand underneath your pillow and with your legs bent. I sometimes sleep in this position but then without the bent knees.

Any strange bedtime routines?

Yes, I think I have one. Before I go to bed I have to take a shower and I have to tidy my room. If I skip one of those things I just can’t sleep. I can’t. I also have to make sure I did everything that needed to be done, that I’ve put everything in my bag for the next day that has to be in there. If one of those things is not completely done I have to get out of bed to do it in order to be able to sleep.

Are you the big spoon or the little spoon?

I’m the little spoon, hihi.

That was it! I actually really enjoyed answering these questions. I hope you enjoyed reading it too and be sure to let me know if you do this tag yourself too ’cause I would love to read it! (If you don’t have a blog you can also leave the answers to the questions in the comments).

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