Roermond & DM haul

A little while ago my mom and I went shopping in the Outlet Centre in Roermond. We planned on shopping outside the outlet too, but when we found out all shops were closed we decided to go to Germany. Germany is my all time favorite place to shop so I was really, really excited. Today I’m going to be showing you everything I bought that day. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

The first thing I bought is from S. Oliver. I wanted a new wallet for such a long time now. I always buy really cheap ones that look horrible after a few weeks, so this time I decided to buy a proper one. One that will last me for at least a few years. I decided to go for this one. It’s a very pretty chestnut brown color and it has a little golden thingy on the front with the logo. I love how simple it is and how big. It’s perfect.

The wallet was originally €29,99 but on sale for €19,99.

Next up is a TBS shower gel in the scent Midnight Bakula. I’ve honestly never seen this one in stores, so I guess it’s from a pretty old special edition. Luckily they did have it in the outlet store.I really love the scent and the packaging. I love the little design on it.

The TBS Midnight Bakula body wash was €3,50.

That was actually all I bought at the outlet centre. It was really busy, so we decided to leave. Off to Germany!

The thing I love about DM is that they sell Balea. Balea is a brand that creates affordable drugstore products. They have literally everything, shower gels, body lotions, shampoo’s, etc.. The first Balea product I bought is their Mattifying Moisturiser. It was only €1,95, which is insanely affordable. Even though you can’t expect much from it, I’m still very excited to try it.

I also bought a shampoo and conditioner from Balea. All their products are silicone free which I love. I first of all bought the shampoo for normal to greasy hair. It smells really nice and fresh. I really hope this keeps my hair from getting oily and isn’t as harsh as the Herbal Essences Clearly Naked shampoo. I also bought a conditioner from Balea. It’s form their professional range and it’s for brown hair. This one is also silicone free and very affordable. I’m really excited to try these products!

The Balea Shampoo was €0,65 and the conditioner €1,45.

Next up are two Balea shower gels. These are Limited edition. I love the packaging so much, they look so summery! Both smell really sweet and happy. I’m way to excited to go take a shower now haha.

The Balea shower gels were €0,55 each.

I also bought a body lotion by Balea in the scent White Passion. I also own the shower gel in this scent, so I couldn’t resist buying the body lotion as well. Lastly from Balea I got a deodorant. It’s a very basic one, nothing really special but just nice to have as a back-up.

The Balea body lotion was €1,25 and the deodorant €0,55.

Onto makeup! P2 is my favorite brand you can get at DM so I obviously had to buy something. The first product I got is their Sheer Glam lipstick. It comes in this gorgeous red packaging. The color is really pretty too! Besides that I also got a gel look polish by P2 in a really pretty turquoise color. I absolutely love it!

The P2 lipstick and nail polish were €1,95 each.

I also found this Essence limited edition blush. It’s so adorable and pretty, I couldn’t resist. I did already do a review on it because it is limited edition and I want you guys to be able to buy the products I review, so if you want to see that go check it out.

The Essence blush was on sale for €1,65.

The last makeup product I bought is by Alverde. I have been wanting this blush for a while now, and I finally decided to just go for it and buy it. I really love Alverde blushes so I’m sure I’m going to like this one as well!

The Alverde blush was €3,95.

Lastly we went to a random shoe store there since I was looking for new sneakers. I wanted Adidas ones in a very specific shape and color, but I couldn’t find it here in the Netherlands. Luckily for me they did have them in Germany. I’m not sure what the full name is, but these are the Adidas Neo sneakers. I absolutely love them.

The Adidas sneakers were €49,95.

That was it! I hope you enjoyed this haul, and let me know which products you want me to review!

11 thoughts on “Roermond & DM haul

  1. Super leuke dingen heb je gekocht! Ik vind je portemonnee echt super mooi! Heel classy. En je sneakers zijn super pretty! Leuke kleurtjes 🙂 Leuk blog heb je! Liefs


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