Balea Tropical Shower Gels

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Balea is one of my favorite drugstore brands. Whenever I get the chance to visit a DM drugstore I’ll always buy some products by Balea. This time I got two shower gels from the Tropical limited edition. If you’re interested in finding out whether they are good or not, keep on reading!

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The shower gels come in these super adorable and happy summery packagings. Because they are limited edition they are just that little bit extra special. I really love the look of them. The two scents I got are called “Tropical Sunshine” and “Cabana Dream”. Both come in a bottle that contains 300 ml. That is a more than decent amount of product looking at the price.

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The first one I’m going to be talking about is Cabana Dream. This one comes in a purple packaging with purple and yellow fruits on it. The colors of the fruits are pretty random, but it looks cute so I don’t really mind.

I really think that these packagings get you into that summery mood. What makes it even better is that the shower gel itself is actually purple as well. How cute?!

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Cabana Dream smells like passion fruit and pineapple. I really like the combination. It’s not a combination I would have come up with myself, but I like it. It’s almost like a smoothie in a shower gel bottle haha. The scent itself is absolutely amazing. I really love it. I love it when the weather is still bad outside, but I’ll for sure love it even more when it’s summer. It’s such a happy and fresh scent.

Over all I think Balea did great making this shower gel. Because the shower gel itself is actually purple, the overall experience is even better. If it wouldn’t be poisonous to drink I would definitely drink this.

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The other one I got is called Tropical Sunshine. This packaging is really really pretty too. I love the green, the blue fruit and the parrot on it. It’s almost like your shower gel bottle has just returned from Hawaii. Or that this shower gel is like Hawaii in a bottle. I don’t think anyone can hate that.

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This shower gel smells like orange and mango. I absolutely love mango. I love the fruit itself when it comes to eating it, but the smell is really amazing as well. I absolutely love this shower gel in combination with my mango body butter by The Body Shop. It’s a perfect combo. Over all I think that the combination orange – mango is great. It’s actually my favorite juice to drink, but in shower gel edition.

It’s not really a surprise that I absolutely love this shower gel. Both of them smell amazing, look amazing and feel amazing. I love that these Balea shower gels are actually very caring for the skin and that they won’t leave your skin feeling dry. These are absolutely perfect for every single summer day!

The Balea Tropical shower gels are available at DM for €0,55.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and let me know which shower gel gets  you into that summery spirit.

6 thoughts on “Balea Tropical Shower Gels

    • Helemaal mee eens! Ik gebruik nu ook al een tijdje de shampoo en conditioners van Balea en ik ben echt fan. Balea blijft me maar verassen en dat voor bijna geen geld!


  1. Wat zien ze er mooi uit! Ben zo benieuwd naar deze geuren, lijken me heerlijk tropisch ruiken. Ik ben ook echt dol op de douchegels van Balea, super fijn voor heel weinig geld!


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