Essence I <3 Nude Eyeshadows

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Essence has done a little collection update recently and added a completely new range of eyeshadows called “I ❤ Nude”. They looked very good to me, so I decided to buy two for a review. Today it’s time to review them. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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The first one I bought is this really pretty creamy highlighter color. It comes in a black packaging with a clear lid. On the lid it says “I ❤ Nude” in a special but pretty font. I do think it looks slightly childish, but then again Essence is a brand that (I guess)  focusses on younger girls, so a little childish is not bad at all.

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The color is called “01 Vanilla Sugar” which is the most gorgeous creamy highlighting shade. The shadow doesn’t contain any obvious shimmers which I really love when it comes to brow bone highlighter. The shadows are baked and are therefore round. The thing I love about baked eyeshadows is that they are super pigmented and intense. And that is basically what you’re looking for when you buy an eyeshadow right?

The thing I love about this eyeshadow is that it’s super soft. The texture is pretty new to me. Some cheaper eyeshadows tend to feel like paper or anything like that, but this one definitely doesn’t. Even though it’s a powder, it does have some kind of creamy finish or touch to it. I absolutely love that!

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The other one I own is this brown one. It’s the darkest one in the entire range. I love how all the shadows in the range are so wearable and really good looking. I felt like this would be the perfect crease color and I think I’m right.

The shadow is called “06 Coffee Bean” which I think is a very appropriate name. It actually really is a kind of coffee bean colored eyeshadow. I personally love somewhat darker eyeshadow looks on a daily basis, so I really like dark browns like this. This one isn’t matte but is also not really shimmery. It’s something in between. I really don’t know how to describe it in any other way than silky.

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The very best thing about these shadows is definitely their pigmentation. I do have to say that Coffee Bean is slightly less intense on the swatch and less dark than in looks in the packaging, but when you apply it onto your eyes I promise you’ll get that intensity you are looking for.

The creamy shade is very pigmented as well. This is one of the only highlighting shades that actually shows up on the picture. I really like the look of it when I apply it underneath my brow bone. I also love that these shadows actually last. At the end of the day I can still see that I’m wearing a highlighter underneath my brow bone, which doesn’t happen very often.

All together I can say I’m a huge fan. I absolutely love these two shadows. They are creamy, silky, pigmented and they last. That’s basically all I want. The very best thing is that it’s not even expensive!

The Essence I ❤ Nude eyeshadows are available at drug stores for €2,59.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review, and let me know which eyeshadow brand is your favorite!

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