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I’m personally not really obsessed with any type of hair product, but having a few good shampoo’s and a great conditioner in my collection is important to me. My hair gets greasy pretty quickly, so I can’t just use anything that smells good. While I was in Germany I found out that all Balea hair products don’t have any silicones in it and decided to try some of their hair products. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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The first product is the Balea Vitalizing Shampoo, which is a shampoo for normal to slightly greasy hair. They actually had two shampoo’s for my hair type, but since I prefer the smell of this one I decided to take this one with me.

The shampoo comes in a pretty basic bottle. It’s not special or gorgeous at all, but it’s not bad. When it comes to a shampoo, all I care about is that it’s free from silicones and that it smells good.

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But the thing you’re probably most curious about is whether this shampoo succeeded in keeping my hair grease free for the entire day or not. Well, I can tell you it did actually succeed. My hair was oil free all day. The reason why I slightly prefer this one over my other shampoo (Herbal Essences Clearly Naked) is that this one is not as harsh and drying for my hair. This one leaves my hair feeling moisturised but not heavy or greasy.

I do have to be honest and tell you that this one doesn’t give me as much volume as my other shampoo does. I don’t really mind that since it still looks good in my opinion, but a bit more volume wouldn’t have been bad.

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The conditioner I bought is from their professional range. These are slightly more expensive (but still super cheap) and look better. I really love the way this tube looks. The fact that it’s a tube is already a plus, and the color makes it even prettier. It’s still not worlds most gorgeous packaging, but I do like it.

This conditioner is made for brown hair. Whether you’re a natural brunette or you dyed your hair, this conditioner will accentuate your brown hair. It will make your look even shinier and healthier than it already is.

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Because it’s from the professional range I was scared this one would have silicones in it. When I decided to buy it I still thought it did. I was just loving the smell and I was curious about the way it would make my hair look so I just had to buy it, silicones or not. During our drive back home I checked out the packaging and realised this one is silicone free too! Score!

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When it comes to the quality I would say Balea did great. This conditioner makes my hair super soft, makes my ends feel alive again and it does actually add shine to my hair. To top that off it doesn’t weigh down my hair at all and it doesn’t make it look greasy. You could kind of conclude it’s an amazing conditioner, and I totally agree with that. I love this stuff a lot.

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Overall I love the Balea hair products. They are silicone free which is great for people like me who struggle with greasy hair and they actually do what they claim to do. I definitely recommend looking at Balea’s hair collection if you get the chance!

The Balea Vitalizing Shampoo is available at DM for €0,65
The Balea Professional Conditioner is available at DM for €1,45.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review, and let me know which hair products are your favorites!




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  1. Zelf koop ik ook vaak shampoo/conditioner van Balea deze varianten ken ik dan zelf nog niet, maar vind ze allemaal wel prima plus heerlijk goedkoop 🙂 x


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