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A while ago when I went to Germany I bought a new daily moisturiser. My old faves were almost empty and I just really wanted a budget alternative so I decided to give this one a try. It’s the Balea Mattifying Cream. If you’re interested in finding out whether it actually replaced my old favorite moisturiser, keep on reading!

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The Balea Mattifying Cream comes in this little white and green jar. It does come with a box, which is nice. The jar is really simple but clean, I like the look of it. I feel like most moisturisers for oily skin have green or blue packagings, while sensitive skin is always pink.

The jar contains 50 ml of moisturiser which is more than my other moisturisers. The fact that it comes in a jar instead of a tube does actually bother me. I prefer tubes because I like the look of them better and it’s way more hygienic.

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It might not come as a surprise but Balea’s Mattifying Cream is here to keep you oil free all day. At least that’s what it promises. I have tried many, many moisturisers that were supposed to keep me from getting oily, but they never actually kept me from it. Because this moisturiser is so cheap, I didn’t expect much of this one too, I just wanted to give it a go.

After using it a few times I came to the conclusion it was a decent moisturiser. Nothing really special, just a simple daily moisturiser. The day I decided to use on of my other moisturisers was the day I found out that this moisturiser in fact is a little more special than I expected. In fact this moisturiser does keep me oil free pretty much all day, which is something no moisturiser ever did for me.

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The fact that it keeps me oil free makes me really, really happy. But there is more to this cream that makes me happy. It smells super duper delicious and the texture is amazing. This moisturiser is not one of those way too thick creams that take forever to sink into your skin and that leave that oily residue on your skin. No, it’s nothing like that. This moisturiser is actually pretty thin and light weight. It feels really fresh and clean on the skin and it sinks into the skin within a minute. I absolutely love that!

Overall I can say I’m a huge fan of Balea’s Mattifying Cream. It really surprised me. I have to say that this moisturiser is actually better than the La Roche Posay moisturiser, which is pretty impressive. I definitely recommend this one to anyone struggling with oiliness.

The Balea Mattifying Cream is available at DM for €1,99.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and let me know which moisturiser is your favorite!


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