Balea White Passion Bodylotion

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A while ago my mother and I went shopping in Germany. Balea is one of my favorite German brands so I decided to pick some of their products up. One of them is this Balea Bodylotion, which I’ll be reviewing today. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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The Balea White Passion Bodylotion is one of their limited edition bodylotions. I do have to say that I think their limited editions are sold for a pretty long time, since I bought the shower gel version of this about a year ago.

The thing I like about the Balea LE products is that they look way better than the other products. The others are just a little boring and plain, while this one looks pretty good to me. It’s not a super luxurious high class bodylotion, but it look fresh and happy to me. I like it!

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White passion smells like white flowers and acai berries. Now don’t ask me what acai berries are, I don’t know, all I know is that it smells like heaven. Really, it does. This bodylotion smells really fresh, clean and warm. It reminds me of a cold winter night where I take the most amazing warm shower after feeling frozen for an entire day and then put on the softest pyjamas and hop into the most comfortable bed on earth. It’s not like it’s a real winter scent, not at all, it just reminds me of something like that.

Besides the nice scent, the bodylotion is very hydrating as well. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and soft without making it feel greasy.

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When it comes to the consistency I would say the bodylotion is not really thick, but it’s not super fluid. It’s something in between. I like it when bodylotions are like that. This way they will sink in into the skin pretty quickly and they will actualy moisturise, but they won’t leave that annoying greasy layer on top of your skin that makes you feel you can’t get dressed yet.

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As you can probably already tell I’m a huge fan of this Balea bodylotion. The smell is just amazing, it hydrates the skin and the consistency is perfect.If you ever get the chance to buy it I highly suggest you do. You will never regret it!

The Balea White Passion Bodylotion is available at DM for ā‚¬1,25.

I hope you enjoyed this review and let me know if you’ve ever tried a Balea bodylotion!

9 thoughts on “Balea White Passion Bodylotion

  1. He je nagels matchen met de verpakking van de bodylotion. Wat heb je ontzettend mooi omschreven hoe de bodylotion ruikt, een prachtige sfeerimpressie. Nu ben ik ook erg benieuwd naar de geur. Als ik bij de dm ben zal ik zeker even langs de bodylotion lopen om te ruiken hihi


  2. Balea is inderdaad een super fijn en enorm budget merk. Ik heb er nog nooit een bodylotion van geprobeerd. Als ik weer in een DM kom ga ik zeker eventjes snuffelen.


  3. Ik ben sowieso erg benieuwd naar dit merk en vind het ook jammer dat het niet in Nederland verkrijgbaar is. Deze variant lijkt me wel lekker ruiken.


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