March favorites!

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It’s already time for a new monthly favorites article! March has been a great month for me beauty wise. I have discovered lots of new products which I ended up loving. This hasn’t happened to me before but I actually had way too much favorites, so I actually had to leave some out! If you’re interested to see the ones that I left in, keep on reading!

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Let’s start of with some new lip products. The very first product is the Essence Lip Candies. I didn’t even think I would buy it until I saw this little beauty in real life. There was no doubt in my mind, and I’m glad there wasn’t because this is pure beauty. I love this lipgloss so much! I also discovered this NYX Butter Gloss. I have been wanting to try one for so long and previous month I finally got the chance to do so. I now finally understand why everyone loves it so much. It’s because this lipgloss is super amazing!

Next up is my new favorite lipstick. It’s the P2 Sheer Glam lipstick. This is the most amazing lipstick in the world. It feels amazing on the lips and it’s super pigmented.

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But that wasn’t it for the lip favorites yet! I also discovered the new Maxfactor lip balms. This one is in the most gorgeous coral shade which is super pretty. I have been loving this one so much. It’s actually hard to decide which one I’ll be wearing since I have so many favorites!

The last lip product is the Baby Lips Dr. Rescue in the shade Pink Me Up. I didn’t review this one because when I reviewed the other two I own I didn’t have this one yet. But I can tell you, it’s just as amazing as the two other ones!

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Next up are three body care products. The first two are the Balea LE shower gels in the scent Tropical Sunshine and Cabana Dream. I’ve been using these almost every day in March and I’ll definitely keep on using them throughout April. The Balea LE body lotion has been a big fave as well. The smell is just absolutely amazing and I love that it’s not super thick.

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Another big fave is the Balea Mattifying Cream. I struggle a lot with oily skin and this moisturiser has been my saviour. I don’t know how something this cheap can be this amazing, but it is. It’s the best smelling, quick absorbing, mattifying moisturiser which is perfect for everyday use. I love it!

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I also fell in love with these two Essence I ❤ Nude eyeshadows. They are from the new collection. I was very excited to try them out and so I did. These are the most amazing affordable eyeshadows you’ll ever find. They are very soft and super pigmented and they last quite a long time. The only downside is that there are only about 6 different shades which are all pretty much the same.

Naamloos 10

Next up are three very pretty blushes. The first one is the Essence Like An Unforgettable Kiss blush. This isn’t the most pigmented blush, but it does look really good on the cheeks. I have been loving this one a lot lately.

I also fell in love with this gorgeous Alverde blush. I love the silky pattern and that there are three different shades in there. I do prefer using them all together, but you can use them on their own as well if you like. The best thing is that the middle part could also be used as a highlighter. Super multifunctional!

The third blush is the Maxfactor Creme Puff blush which is fairly new. I love the entire range, but I decided to go for this one. I love the color a lot. The pigmentation is impressive and the way it looks on the skin is even more amazing.

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The last blush is the NYX blush in Angel. This really is one of those staple blushes everyone could use in their collection. It goes with any look and it’s just very pretty. It doesn’t have any shimmery or anything else spectacular, it’s just there to give your cheeks a healthy flush.

Next up is the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in a very pretty golden color. I haven’t used it too much, but when I did use it I loved it. It definitely is a great product!

Naamloos 8

The last two beauty favorites are these two nail polishes. The first one is by Maxfactor. I got this one for free with my purchase and it says it’s a LE color. I’m glad I got it because it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s even prettier on the nails that it already is in the bottle.

The other nail polish is the P2 Volume Gloss Gel Look polish. It’s in this gorgeous turquoise shade which I’m absolutely in love with. I’ve worn it two weeks in a row and while I’m writing this I’m applying it again!

Naamloos 7

My last favorite is a little bit different. It’s actually washi tape! I’ve been loving washi tape for quite some time now, but lately I’ve been using it more than ever. It’s just amazing. You can literally make everything look 20 times cuter with it. It’s perfect!

That was it! I hope you enjoyed reading this and be sure to let me know which products you have been loving!


11 thoughts on “March favorites!

  1. Wat een mooie favorieten! Die Nyx Butter Gloss zijn echt super draag er nu ook 1. En Balea heeft echt fijn producten vind het wel jammer dat het niet in Nederland word verkocht x


  2. Wauw they look amazing! Those essence eyeshadows look pretty nice but I don’t buy eyeshadow from essence myself but i am quit curious. Loved this article a lot, you have a really nice blog 🙂


  3. Mooie lipsticks! En ik ben ontzettend benieuwd naar blushes van NYX, wil ik zelf zeker ook nog wel eens uitproberen.X


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