Essence Pure Nude Powder

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When Essence came out with their new products there was one product I was most excited about, their Pure Nude powder. When they were finally available I was so excited and immediately bought it, not knowing this might not be as great as I hoped…

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The Essence True Nude powder comes in a very pretty packaging. It kind of reminds me of the MAC Mineralised Skin Finish. I really like the font they used on the lid and that the powder is baked. I love that look a lot!

I bought the powder in the lightest shade called Nude Ivory. I love that the lightest shade is actually light enough! I was very excited about that. On the other hand they don’t have a really dark one, not even slightly dark, so the darker skinned girls can’t use this. I feel like that’s something budget brands need to work on!

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The powder itself looks really good. It actually looks slightly powdery which made me think this would be the perfect powder for my really oily skin. I was hoping for something great, but I shouldn’t have done that. This Pure Nude powder is Pure Shit. I absolutely hate it. I’m sorry I might sound pretty frustrated but I really am. Even though it’s not really expensive, I really dislike it when I buy something I end up hating. It’s just a waste.

The thing I don’t like about it is that this powder makes no difference at all. The only thing this powder does is add more oil and make my skin look really dull. It almost looks as if I’m ill when I wear this.

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As you can tell the powder is very powdery. I was hoping for that because I though that would keep my skin from getting oily. But for some reason the powder feels really oily and annoying. I don’t know how to describe it, but if I use a powder I want it to feel like powder and make my skin feel soft and free of oils. This one does the exact opposite. When I use this my skin feels sticky and gross. I hated wearing it and I’m a hundred percent positive I will never wear it again.

Over all I could say this powder is not worth your money. It looks pretty but it doesn’t do anything for your skin. If you have dry skin you might be able to like it, but oily skinned girls I suggest you stay away from this product. Besides the fact it doesn’t mattify my skin it also makes it look as if I’m sick.

The Essence Pure Nude Powder is available at drugstores for €3,59.

I’m sorry this was such a negative review, but I had to share this with you guys. At least you guys don’t have to waste your money on it any more! I hope you still liked reading it and let me know which powder you do like!


11 thoughts on “Essence Pure Nude Powder

  1. Jammer dat hij niet goed werkt! Soms slaan merken de plank even mis met producten. De catrice all matt plus powder vind ik echt heel fijn (:


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