Sabundance Stained Lip Gloss

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Today I’ll be reviewing another Ebay lip product. Besides the one I reviewed two days ago, I also got this stained lip gloss. If you’re interested in finding out whether this budget beauty is a winner or not, keep on reading!

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The Sabundance Stained Lip Gloss comes in a little box. The box is beigy gold and has lots of text on it I’m incapable of reading. The entire back is filled with Chinese letters which I cannot read. On the front it says “Sabundance highlighter” but in the corner it says that it’s a stained lip gloss. This is slightly confusing, but alrighty.

The tube itself looks pretty cool. The bottom is pink and the lid is beige. The fact that it’s so big is actually pretty useless but it does add that extra bit of glamour. I like it. The different colors do not have names, only numbers. The one I have is number 39.

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This lip gloss is meant to be a combination between a lipstain and a lip gloss as far as I know. So it should be glossy but it should also stain your lips. For those of you who don’t know, a lipstain is a lip product that will stain your lips, it won’t be a layer on top of your lips like most lip products are. The reason people like that is because it won’t leave marks, it will stay on for a very long time and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your lips.

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The applicator it comes with is pretty basic. It’s like most other applicators, but a slightly bit bigger. My lips aren’t huge so it’s not like I need it, but there is nothing wrong with it. When it comes to applying the product it works just fine.

The product itself looks pretty pigmented on the swatch. The color is very vibrant and daring. At least, that’s what it looks like. In fact I felt like the color kind of disappeared when I put it on my lips. It wasn’t too visible and it felt very weird. The product is very watery and will disappear within a split second.

No, this product wasn’t it for me. It’s a pretty color, but the texture is very weird and it doesn’t stay on my lips at all. It’s not like it’s a horrible product, especially not when you consider it only costed me a Euro, but still I wouldn’t recommend it.

The Sabundance Stained Lip Gloss is available here for $1,05. 

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review, let me know which lip product disappointed you!

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