2x Affordable Spring Outfits

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Spring has come upon us not too long ago, which means it’s time to change up our wardrobe and start wearing more bright colors and lighter clothing. To inspire you I created two outfits which I’ll sharing with you guys today. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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Before I jump into anything I want to mention all items I used to create these outfits are from H&M. I did that so the outfits would be affordable and the items would be available for anyone all over the world.

This outfit is already my favorite because it really gives me that spring vibe. I absolutely love the top. I’m a big floral print lover and combined with the lacy bottom part it’s basically perfection. During spring time it tends to be pretty chilly outside over here so I added a denim. I love the denim floral combination! To finish it off I added some basic black pants and these adorable beige shoes. They are super pretty and super affordable.

1. Floral top €12,99
2. Denim jacket €29,99
3. High waisted jeans €19,99
4. Shoes €14,95

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The second outfit is a little less colorful but still very pretty. The main colors are blue and brown. I love how the shoes has both colors in it. They are super cute! I also love the bag. It’s big enough to use for school but it’s also perfect for shopping. It could even be used as a beach bag! I’m also deeply in love with the top. I love the little giraffes all over it.  The thing I love most about this outfit is that all pieces are super affordable but they don’t look cheap. In my opinion the shoes actually look very classy and chic, while they’re even cheaper than the bag and the jeans.

1. Top €9,99
2. High waisted jeans €19,99
3. Sneakers €12,99
4. Bag €19,99

That was it for today guys! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and let me know which outfit is your favorite!

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