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Sometimes when I use a product I really love I wonder why no one has heard or talked about it yet. It’s absolutely amazing, everybody deserves to know about it. Therefore I decided to show you guys the products I think deserve to be in the spotlight. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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The number one underrated product in my opinion has to be this Pixi eyeshadow palette. I feel like the brand isn’t that well known as they should be. I don’t have anything else from the brand expect for this little palette, but I wish I did.This eyeshadow palette is literally the best. The colors are gorgeous, they are very pigmented and the overall look is just amazing. Besides that it’s also pretty affordable. If you want to see a review (incl. swatches) on this palette click here.

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Next up are two more eyeshadows I’m very passionate about. These are in my opinion the best drugstore eyeshadows ever. I’m not a huge fan of the eyeshadows that are sold in drugstores here, but these are amazing. These eyeshadows are very shimmery in a gorgeous way and they are really, really pigmented. Besides the fact that they are amazing they also look very pretty too.

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I know I just said I’m not a huge fan of drugstore eyeshadows, but these two are honestly an exception to that. These Essence I ❤ Nude eyeshadows are amazing. I especially love the texture. They are very soft and silky. Besides that they are also really pigmented and easy to blend. I don’t get why no one is as crazy about them as I am.

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Next up is the NYC liquid lip lacquer. I bought this one quite a long time ago, when liquid lipsticks were kind of popular, but I feel like the love for these NYC ones kind of faded, while they are just absolutely amazing. This particular color is my favorite from the entire range, but they are all just as amazing as this one is. The best thing about them is that they are super pigmented. It’s not like a lipgloss at all.

Then I have the Rosebud Salve in the scent Minted Rose. A few years ago these were very trendy, which is why I bought one. I kind of forgot about it after a while, which I feel like happened to lots of people. But recently I decided to start using it again and I realised that this lipbalm is way better than anything else. The way this stuff smells and works, it’s just pure love.

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This Maxfactor mascara is pretty new in beauty world. I did read some reviews about it, but not that many and not all of them were as positive as I feel like they should be. I feel like most people don’t think this is an outstanding mascara, which it actually is. It’s the best mascara I’ve tried so far, and trust me you guys I tried many. Even though it’s a little pricey, I really, really recommend it.

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Another underrated product is the Alverde blush. The thing is it’s not available everywhere so it’s hard to get your hands on, but I feel like if people get the chance they don’t do it because they just don’t know this product is amazing. I luckily did give it a shot and realised that this blush might be one of the prettiest in my collection. If you get the chance to buy it, I suggest you go for it. It’s very affordable and definitely worth it.

The very last product is the E.L.F. baked highlighter. This is the best affordable highlighter in the world. I’m pretty sure about that. If you don’t believe me, buy it and try it yourself. The glow that this highlighter adds to my face is just beyond gorgeous. I love this one so much!

That was it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading today’s article and let me know which products you think should get a little more attention! Also let me know whether you would like me to do an overrated products post as well or not.

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12 thoughts on “Underrated products

  1. Oh thanks for the tips, I think ill go to my drugstores soon to get the essence nude eyeshadows because I already was looking for a new brown eyeshadow 🙂


  2. Wat een leuk artikel! 🙂 Het lipproduct van NYC lijkt me erg fijn en die is mooi! En de mascara van Max Factor lijkt me ook goed in gebruik! Origineel geschreven!


  3. Wat een leuke producten en ben wel errrug benieuwd geworden naar het Pixi palette, je swatches zien er veelbelovend uit! En jaaa die liquid metal ❤ ik swatch ze elke keer waarbij het kwijl uit mijn mond loopt maar nog nooit een gekocht lol.


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