Buy this not that: Eyeshadow edition

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There are lots of different makeup brands and therefore also lots of different eyeshadows. Some are amazing, some are not. Today I’m going to show you guys which eyeshadows you should buy and which ones you should leave where ever they are. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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Lets start off with a don’t; the Catrice mono eyeshadows. I have quite a few Catrice mono eyeshadows in my collection and honestly, I’m not a fan. Most of them are barely used and other ones are just not good enough. Because I do have quite a few eyeshadows, they have to be good in order for me to use them. Sadly the Catrice mono’s aren’t. The pigmentation is not what it should be like and they are not very easy to blend. Besides that the ones that contain shimmer are almost impossible to apply properly and they will leave your entire face covered in glitter. There are definitely better ones out there for the same amount of money.

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For example the Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadows. Even though I’ve never liked the normal Catrice mono’s I did give these a chance. Luckily for me, because they are absolutely amazing. The pigmentation is amazing and the finish is really pretty. They also last pretty long!

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Next up the MAC eyeshadows. I used to be in love with these eyeshadows. Mainly because they are by MAC and MAC is a very popular brand in beauty world. After I started using the UD Naked palettes and the Sleek palette I realised that these MAC eyeshadows are not that amazing at all. Of course the quality isn’t bad, but they are way overpriced. I honestly think that Sleek eyeshadows (€10 per palette, MAC eyeshadow is €17 per color) are way, way better. So if you want proper eyeshadows I suggest you go for Sleek or Urban Decay.

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Another brand I love is Kiko. They have so many different colors  and their eyeshadows come in different price ranges. The normal ones are only €2,90 and the baked one was about €6-7. Still pretty affordable. Besides the fact that they are affordable the quality is amazing. The pigmentation varies from color to color but is definitely decent enough. The cranberry color is even very pigmented. Besides that they also last all day on your eyelids and they are pretty intense. I really like them.

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The last eyeshadow I want to show you is by Jane Iredale in the shade Dusk. This little one is not super affordable, but the quality is very impressive. With this post I’m not trying to say “high end eyeshadows are worse than budget ones”, but some high end ones are just way too pricey looking at the quality. This one isn’t. This one is definitely worth every penny. I really love how intense it is and how pigmented it is. It’s the perfect everyday crease color!

Well that was it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post and let me know which eyeshadows you would recommend and which one you won’t.

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17 thoughts on “Buy this not that: Eyeshadow edition

  1. Great post! Tons of information. I am currently using a Guerlain’s eyeshadow palette a ton and you can never go wrong with brands like Chanel & Dior. I also love my MAC palette. I know most of these aren’t super cheap at all, but I really like the quality.


  2. Nu ben ik wel benieuwd hoe de oogschaduw van UD is. Zelf vind ik de oogschaduw van MAC wel prettig en fijn om te gebruiken alleen dat prijskaartje… 🙂 x


  3. heb zo’n gouden liquid metal van catrice, echt een prachtig kleurtje! zo’n ‘gewone’ mono heb ik nog nooit geprobeerd, maar denk dat ik die maar aan me voorbij ga laten gaan.. xx


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