My lipstick collection

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Up and till a few months ago I wasn’t really a lipstick person. I never really wore any lipstick and I didn’t really care about it. It wasn’t until a few months ago I started loving it more and more and I ended up wearing lipstick every single day. Because I love lipstick so much I decided to show you guys my lipstick collection. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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Lets start off with my three E.L.F. lipsticks. These are only €1 each, but the quality is amazing. I kind of forgot about them, but while taking the pictures for this article I realised they are absolutely gorgeous and I should wear them more often so I sure will. They are very pigmented and they do last quite a long time on my lips. The only thing I don’t really like about them is that they tend to be slightly dry.

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Next up are two Kiko Lipsticks. One is from the Daring Game LE. I absolutely love this color. Even though it looks pretty wearable in the tube, it’s a pretty bright color. Luckily for me I’m starting to appreciate brighter colors more and more lately. The other one is from their normal collection and it’s a very pretty peachy pink color with a bit of glitter in it. This one is in fact very wearable but still really pretty.

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Then I have a few random lipsticks. The first one is by Maybelline. I bought this about 4 years ago. Back then I actually liked it. Now I honestly hate it, it makes me look like I’m dead haha. The one next to it is by the brand Idyl. It’s from a local drugstore and I just really wanted to try one of their lipsticks. I actually still really love the color. It’s super pretty!

Then I have a lipstick by NYC. This one is pretty old as well. I do actually still like the color, but the texture is just not really amazing. It’s not like a soft and smooth lipstick, but because it’s this pretty I would actually still wear it.

The last one is by Heng Fang. I bought it on Ebay and I have to say, the pigmentation is insane. The only problem is that when you apply it onto your lips the color is nothing like it was in the tube.

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Next are a few more random lipsticks. The first one is by The Body Shop. I bought it this Christmas and I’m still deeply in love with it. I feel like this is one of my favorite lipsticks in my collection. The one next to it is by L’Oreal. When I bought it I was very disappointed. I didn’t like it at all. But now it’s one of my favorite lipsticks in my collection and I actually want more of them. The texture is amazing!

Then I have a lipstick by Yves Rocher. I got it for free with my order and I wasn’t that impressed by it until I put it on last Monday and I fell in love. How did I not love this lipstick?! It’s absolutely gorgeous and it feels super smooth on the lips.

The last one is a Revlon Lipbutter. The color isn’t really what I call pretty, but I do love the product itself. I wish these were available in stores so I could actually see the real color before I buy it.

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Next are four Catrice lipsticks. The first one is from the Ultimate Stay range which is my favorite out of the four. This lipstick lasts about five hours and it’s just really pretty. The two in the middle are from the Absolute Color range. I do not like them as much as the other two, but they aren’t bad. I especially like the darker color. The other one is way too light for me and makes me look dead.

The last one is from the Ultimate Stay range. It seems like a very bright shade, but it’s pretty sheer. I really love how this one looks on my lips!

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Then I have three NYX lipsticks. These very very popular when I just started doing makeup so I decided I needed some of them. They were very affordable back then so I bought these three colors. The first two, especially the one in the middle, are just not as pretty as they looked on the picture. They look horrible on me. The last one is in fact a very pretty color. I do love wearing it mainly because the texture is just amazing and the color is really pretty.

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Then I have quite some Baby Lips. I decided to put the tinted ones in here because I feel like tinted lipbalms are kind of the same thing as lipsticks but just a little more moisturising and sheer. As you might be able to tell I love Baby Lips. I have tried to not buy them all, but I failed. They are just absolutely amazing and they feel so good on the lips. My ultimate favorites are Strike A Rose from the Electro collection and Soothing Sorbet from the Dr. Rescue collection.

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Onto four more random lipsticks. The first one is pretty new in my collection. It’s the P2 Sheer Glam lipstick. I did a review on this little beauty pretty recently. I am in love with this lipstick. It’s super smooth and the color is perfect for everyday wear. The one next to it is by Hema. This one is pretty sheer but perfect for everyday. It looks good with basically any eyeshadow look.

Then I have another pretty new one which is the Maxfactor Lipstick Balm thingy. I love the color and the way it feels on my lips. It makes me look really healthy. The last one is the Essence Longlasting lipstick. I bought it because everyone raved about it, but kind of forgot about it. A few months ago I decided to put it on and I realised that this is the best lipstick ever. I love it!

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Next are four Rimmel London lipsticks. The first one is from the Kate collection. It’s a very basic but high quality lipstick which I really love. Next to it is one from the normal collection. I do like the way it feels on the lips, but I’m not that into the finish.

The other two are really new to my collection. They are the Provocolips. I got them to test them for another blog and I fell in love. These two are the best lipsticks in my collection so far. If you’re looking for pigmented long lasting lipsticks, buy these!

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And lastly my Dior Addict lipstick. The color seems a little old fashioned, but in fact it’s a really pretty lipstick. I have to say that the texture is just amazing. It really feels like you’re applying heaven onto your lips. I’m not even kidding. If they weren’t as expensive as they are I would buy a few more!

That was it. I know it was a long one but I hope you don’t mind and you still enjoyed reading today’s article. Let me know which lipsticks are your favorite!

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  1. Leuke post zeg! Ik heb echt teveel lipsticks, bij mij zou het artikel 2 keer zo lang worden, haha. Je moet zeker eens de xxxl lipcream (de matte) proberen van Essence, die vind ik echt heel goed!


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