Favorite Red Nail Polishes

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Even though red might be a more appropriate color during the fall and winter time, I still like wearing it. Therefore I decided to show you guys my top five favorite red nail polishes. If you’re interested in seeing which ones I like, keep on reading!

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My very favorite red nail polish is Volcanic Red by Maybelline. It’s from their Forever Strong Pro collection. I do have to say that the staying power is not that impressive, but it’s the color that makes this nail polishes so special. The finish is absolutely gorgeous, it’s kind of metallic. I usually don’t really like that, but in combination with the red I love it!

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Another one I really like is this little beauty by Nicole by O.P.I. It’s called Boys ‘nd Berries and it’s a really pretty shimmery deep red color. It’s a little bit more purply than the Maybelline one, but still very pretty. I just really love deep red colors like this one!

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Next up is the O.P.I nail polish in the shade Die Another Day. I got this one as a gift from my lovely boyfriend, which makes this polish a little extra special. What makes it even more special is the fact that we got it during a trip to London. Besides the memories I also really love the color. It’s not as deep red as the previous two, it’s a little more to the orangy red side. I do really like it. The thing I love most about it is that it dries super quickly.

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Then the Herome W.I.C. nail polish in the shade Las Vegas. I honestly love this nail polish range by Herome. They last forever on your nails and they are so easy to apply. This color is definitely one of my favorites. It’s very different from the previous ones since this one doesn’t contain any glitter at all. This is a creamy glossy nail polish in a very pretty pink red shade. I love it!

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The last one is by Essie. This one is called She’s Pampered. It’s again not shimmery and it’s not as glossy as the Herome one. I do still love it because it dries super quickly and it’s just a very pretty color. This one does chip pretty quickly, it lasts about 2 days on my nails, but it’s totally worth it.

That was it already. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s article and let me know which red polishes are your favorites!

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10 thoughts on “Favorite Red Nail Polishes

  1. Wat een gave nagellakjes! Die van Herome en Essie vind ik het leukste! Ik draag ook graag rode nagellak! Ziet er zo mooi uit! 🙂


  2. Die van maybeline is echt super! Heb daar meerdere kleurtjes van en ze dekken naar mijn mening echt super! (helemaal fijn dat ze bij de action zo goedkoop zijn, hihi!)


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