2x Spring & Festival Proof Outfits

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Today I have another fashion related post for you guys! This time the webshop Sevenbien asked me if I could create some outfits with their items. Because it’s spring and the festival season has begun I decided to create to spring and/or festival proof outfits. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

Naamloos 1


The very first outfit I put together is called “bohemian comfort” because it consists out of a few super pretty bohemian pieces which are super comfortable. I absolutely love the sweater. It comes in a few different colors, but this cream one is definitely my favorite. It’s pretty flowy but it does have long sleeves so it’s perfect for a chilly spring night.

My favorite piece from this outfit has to be the bag. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It makes the outfit instantly ten times prettier and it’s a super nice size. It’s not too big and not too small at the same time. In other words: it’s perfect!

1. Sweater €29,99
2. Jeans €34,95
3. Bag €19,99
4. Boots €19,99

Naamloos 12

The second outfit is for the girls out there who prefer a little more of a casual look, but still want to look cute. The main item of this outfit has to be the shirt. I absolutely love it. It’s super flowy and lightweight but really cute. The top is what adds the cuteness.

The rest of the outfit is pretty basic. To spice it up a little more I decided to pair the shirt with some leather look pants. If that’s not your cup of tea you could obviously wear normal pants with the rest of the outfit. The shoes are also super pretty and super comfortable. You’ll definitely be able to walk on them the entire day while looking super pretty!

1. Top €29,99
2. Pants €19,99
3. Sneakers €19,99
4. Bag €34,99

That was it for the outfits for today. If you need more outfit inspiration you can check out the festival outfit inspiration page from Sevenbien. There are lots of adorable outfits on there which will definitely inspire you!

I hope you enjoyed today’s article and let me know which outfit (from this article or the Sevenbien inspiration page) is your favorite!


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7 thoughts on “2x Spring & Festival Proof Outfits

  1. De eerste outfit vind ik leuk samengesteld. Ik heb vandaag mijn bestelling van Sevenbien ontvangen, een leuke webshop en snelle levering!


  2. Oh my soul that is sooooo super perfect. I love the bohemian outfit.
    Blogger Lust.


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