NOTD: A touch of gold

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Today it’s time for something new. I’m going to do something called a NOTD (a.k.a. Nail Of The Day). That basically means that I’m about to show you guys which nail polish I am currently wearing. I thought that might be a nice way to show you guys some swatches of my favorite nail polishes and to let you guys know which polishes are actually worth your money! If you’re interested, keep on reading

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The nail polish I’m currently wearing is by Kiko. It’s from their normal nail polish range. I don’t think this range has any kind of name. I personally love Kiko nail polishes because the quality is amazing and they are super affordable. Besides that I also think the packaging looks super professional and pretty. I love it!

The color I chose to wear today doesn’t have a name. It’s just number 303, which is the worlds prettiest gold color. It’s a very shimmery nail polish. The thing I love about it is that the glitter isn’t chuncky. It’s not a pain in the ass to remove like most glitter nail polishes.

Naamloos 10

This is what it looks like on the nails. I am so in love with this color. I honestly keep checking out my own nails because I love it so much. I also really love the finish. It’s perfect. I also like that it doesn’t feel like textured when you touch the nail polish with your hand. It’s just smooth which I really like.

Besides that I think that the color is also really unique. It’s a little bit different every time you look at it. This is my definition of  a perfect nail polish color!

I hope you guys liked my NOTD and let me know if you want me to do more of them. Also let me know which nail polish you are currently wearing!

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