Brushegg: Brush Cleansing Tool

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A while ago I came across the Brushegg. A brushegg is a little tool that should make washing your brushes a lot easier and quicker. The fact that it would make washing your brushes a lot easier sounded like heaven to me, but I wasn’t sure whether or not it would be true. Most reviews I read on it weren’t that positive, but I still decided to give it a go. If you’re interested in finding out whether I do think it’s worth your money or not, keep on reading!

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The brushegg is basically a small little egg shaped rubber tool. It comes in five different colors: mint, pink, white, black and purple. Obviously I decided to go for mint. The egg is made of rubber and lightweight. I also really love the look of it. It’s a nice pop of color on my desk haha.

On the bottom is a little opening in which you can put your fingers. This is one way of holding the egg while cleaning your brushes. Later on I’ll show you two ways to hold it and I’ll tell you which one in my opinion works best.

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The other side is where the magic is supposed to happen. The biggest part is ridged and the other part consists out of little round thingies. These two parts are supposed to make your brushes super clean. I did expect it to work since this tool has textures on it which your hand doesn’t have. This way it might be able to get the dirt out of the brush much better and quicker.

And to be honest, it does actually do that. I was so impressed by it. My brushes have honestly never been this clean before. They feel exactly the same as how they felt when they were brand new. I’ve never experienced that before. Even my blush brush which was a little stained is now completely white again.

When it comes to the textures on the egg, I actually like both a lot. It’s not like I prefer one for a specific brush. I mainly use the ridged part for bigger brushes simply because the other part is too small for that, but both work really well.

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As I mentioned before there are two ways of holding the egg. On the picture above I’m holding it with two of my fingers which I put it in the opening. It does give enough support even if you’re deeply cleaning your brushes, but it’s not my favorite way. I like ‘shaping’ my brushes after I wash them so they dry in the shape I want them to be in. If you hold it like this you will have to go in and out all the time, which is not super efficient in my opinion.

The advantage of holding the egg like this is that your hand won’t get as wet as when you hold it differently. You obviously will get some water on your hand, but not as much as normally.

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My favorite way to hold it is by just holding it in your hand. This is a bit steadier than the previous option and it’s in my opinion much easier this way. The only downside is that your hand will get a lot more wet than with the previous way of holding it, but that’s not a big problem to me.

In fact this tool does keep my hand from feeling dry after washing my brushes. That is because your skin won’t be in direct contact with the soap (soap can dry out your skin). I really like that about it!

I think that it’s clear that I love this little brushegg tool. I highly, highly recommend it. It makes washing my brushes a lot easier and I don’t dread it as much as I did before any more. Besides that it also saves you lots of soap since you’ll only need a tiny little bit when you’re using this tool. It’s definitely worth the try!

The Brushegg is available here (Ebay) for € and at Boozyshop for €4,99.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know whether you use a tool like this or not!

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13 thoughts on “Brushegg: Brush Cleansing Tool

  1. Die brushegg lijkt mij super fijn om mijn kwasten te wassen. Bedankt voor de tip, ik had er nog nooit van gehoord!


  2. Hij lijkt me echt mega fijn, ik zie hem steeds vaker op duiken! Zo te lezen ben jij ook erg tevreden!


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