Beauty would you rather?

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Today it’s time for something completely different. I am going to answering some beauty related “would you rather” questions. For those of you who don’t know, it basically means that there are two options from which you have to choose one. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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Would you rather..

Only wear foundation or only wear mascara?

Easy one, I would go for only mascara. That because I don’t have that bad skin and in my opinion mascara makes the biggest difference. Okay brows do as well, but that is not important for his question haha.

Never wear nail polish or always wear the same color?

Definitely always wear the same color. I love wearing nail polish and I hate to go a day without it. Let alone never wear nail polish again. I’d much rather wear the same color everyday!

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Have spider lashes or an orange foundation face?

That’s a harder one. I think that I’d rather have spidery lashes than and orange foundation face. I think that spider lashes are slightly less horrible than an orange face. Walking around with an orange foundation face sounds like horror to me.

Do your makeup yourself or get your makeup done?

I’d rather do my makeup myself. I honestly don’t trust too many people with my face. I guess it’s because I am very specific with things like my makeup and I’m way too scared that if I let someone else do it I’ll end up not liking it.

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Never do your eyebrows or draw your eyebrows using a way too dark color?

Hmm, I don’t even know why I came up with this question in the first place. It’s way too hard. I don’t actually know. I’ve seen people walking around wearing waaaaaay too dark brow products and I honestly think that really messes up your face. But not wearing any brow products at all is horrible as well… I think I’d go with never do your eyebrows.

Only wear bold lipsticks or only wear nude lipsticks?

Only wear nude lipsticks. Even though I’m starting to appreciate bold lip colors more and more, I’d rather only wear nude colors than bold colors.

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Always wear way too heavy blushes or always wear chipped nail polish?

Definitely too heavy blushes. If something annoys me more than anything it’s chipped nail polish. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if my nails were always chipped. Even though too heavy blush ain’t pretty as well, it’s not as bad as chipped nail polish.

Well that was it you guys! I hope you enjoyed this beauty would you rather and let me know which options you would choose!

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4 thoughts on “Beauty would you rather?

  1. That was actually fun to read! And I love to wear mascara than wearing foundation.. Even though I don’t have the perfect skin. I would still wear a heavy coat of mascara with a bare face 🙂


  2. Nice article, id also rather wear only mascara because that doesnt effect your skin as much as foundation does and my skin isnt bad at all!


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