Ebay Misconceptions

Every now and then when I post a review or a haul from stuff I got from Ebay I get a comment saying that Ebay isn’t safe or that someone is scared to order stuff from there. I’ve become kind of an expert throughout the years when it comes to Ebay so I decided to talk about these misconceptions. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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Ebay IS safe.

Most people think that Ebay is a sketchy site. That it’s tricky to order stuff from there and that it’s very common that things don’t arrive. Well let me tell you, I’ve ordered many, many things from Ebay throughout the years and only once something didn’t arrive. When that happened I emailed the seller and he sent me a new one which did arrive. It wasn’t a problem at all. Besides that Ebay also has the money back guarantee. If something does go wrong, you’ll always get your money back!

Ebay products aren’t always bad quality.

I feel like lots of people think that items you get from Ebay are always bad quality. I don’t think that’s true at all. I got a lot of stuff from there and honestly yes, some of them are crap. But I also have lots of items I use all the time and that are super amazing. Besides that if something arrives broken, they will send you a new one!

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Ebay items in stores.

Well this is something that honestly annoys me so bad. Lately I’ve seen lots of both online and offline stores sell product they literally got from Ebay. The exact same product, just a lot more expensive. For example phone cases, bracelets, watches. You name it. Of course you can still buy it if you like, but do keep it mind that just because it’s from a normal webshop it doesn’t mean it’s better because lots of webshops literally get their items from Ebay.

General tips.

Besides the misconceptions I also want to give some general tips on how to work with Ebay. For some of you it might sound super obvious, but there are lots of people that are not that familiar with it.

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1. Make sure the seller you’re buying from has at least 90 to 100% positive feedback. This means that the seller is trustworthy.
2. If you want to get your items as cheap as possible put the sort thingy on “Price + Shipping: Lowest First” and if you don’t want to bid but just get it immediately put it on “Buy it now”.
3. Don’t buy too expensive things from Ebay. I usually keep it between 0 and 4 $. This because when it is crap, I didn’t spend too much on it.
4. Don’t buy expensive makeup brands from Ebay, most of them are fake. Sometimes you come across a Naked palette which costs around $20. Don’t think it’s a bargain, it’s fake.

Well that was it guys. I hope this post might have helped you and let me know whether you like Ebay or not!

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6 thoughts on “Ebay Misconceptions

  1. als je eBay niet vertrouwd kun je net zo goed ook geen PayPal o.i.d. nemen ><; of uberhaupt ergens bestellen.. eBay beschermd klanten en verkopers goed dusja. ik ben het eens met alles wat je zegt =D


  2. Ebay kan je vaak leuke en cheape dingen vinden, maar ik zou nooit iets duurders dan 5 euro bestellen op Ebay.. zo erg vetrouw ik de echtheid van producten niet 😉


  3. Amen! Uitstekende service, ook eens “problemen” gehad en keurig opgelost. Bestel er al een aantal jaartjes maandelijks dingen (voornamelijk nail art spul) en dat bevalt me prima!


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