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Brushes are the key to a pretty makeup look. Therefore it’s not weird that most beauty lovers own a lot of them and keep buying new ones. I’m like that too and therefore I decided to order four new brushes. If you’re interested in reading whether they are worth your money or not, keep on reading!

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The very first brush I got is the Boozybrush Angled Blush B03 brush. It’s an angled blush brush as you could probably tell. I was in need for a brush like this one because mine was just crap, so my hopes for this one were pretty high. The brush is made out of white hairs which I prefer and is a bit bigger than my previous one. The hairs feel very soft and are all nicely shaped.

The handle is also very pretty. It looks pretty professional and good. I like that they kept it simple with the silver and the black, that’s in my opinion (except the rosegold collection by Zoeva) the prettiest.

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The hairs are pretty dense. This means that if you are using a highly pigmented blush you will have to be careful. If you’re using a not that pigmented blush this is perfect. It’s still very possible to apply highly pigmented blushes with it, but you just have to be careful you don’t apply too much.

The shape of this brush is absolutely perfect. It’s not too big and not too small, the size is perfect for my cheeks. After washing the brush I did realise that the hairs looked a little more messy than before, but it isn’t a big deal!

The Boozybrush Angled Blush B03 is available at Boozyshop.nl for €7,95.

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The second brush I bought is the Boozybrush Tapered Blending A02 brush. This is a normal not too special blending brush with black hairs. As I mentioned before I do prefer white haired brushes because I feel like those are just that tiny bit softer, but this one is pretty much fine too.

The look of it is again really pretty and professional. I like it. It feels not too light but also not super heavy when you hold it and the length of the handle is perfect.

Naamloos 52

The hairs of the brush are pretty close together. They are quite dense, but not as dense as the previous one. I do like that the hairs are so close together because that means this is a killer blending brush (read: a awesome blending brush). It will fade the harsh lines within seconds.

The only downside about this brush is that it does loose some hairs when you wash it and it does go a little bit out of shape. It’s not drastic and it’s still a good brush, but it is something you do need to keep in mind when you want to buy this brush.

The Boozybrush Tapered Blending A02 is available at Boozyshop.nl for €4,95.

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Next up is the Boozybrush Pencil A04. This turned out to be way smaller than I expected. I do own a pencil brush by Zoeva and I expected it so be somewhat similar to that, but that isn’t true. To be honest I would have liked it better if it would have been a little bit bigger, but besides that I think it’s still a nice brush to have in your collection.

I use this brush mainly to apply the darkest color from the look in my outer V. It’s pretty nice for that. I do feel like it’s a little bit on the mushy side, but it’s fine.

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The hairs are very soft and it’s a very easy brush to wash. It gets clean easy and it doesn’t loose hairs. It also doesn’t loose its shape after washing it which is a very big plus. Besides that I think it’s a great brush for precise things. I honestly don’t do that much precise things with my eye looks because I have to make them before school (read 6:30) and I’m not feeling that then, but if I want to be a little more creative with my eyeshadow I think this brush will definitely come in handy.

The Boozybrush Pencil A04 is available at Boozyshop.nl for €4,95.

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The last brush I got is just a regular eyeshadow brush. It’s called the Boozybrush Short Shader A03. I think you can’t have too many of brushes like this one, which is why I ordered it. The handle of this brush is slightly thicker compared to the two other eyeshadow brushes, but it does feel nice while holding it.

This brush has a mixture of different shades of brown hairs. They are really soft and work just nice, but the one thing I don’t get is why every single brush has a different hair color. It’s not a bad thing, I’m just wondering why.

Naamloos 40

When it comes to eyeshadow brushes like this one I’m not that picky. If it’s soft and if it picks up enough color I’m perfectly fine with it. I think this brush definitely qualifies for that. It works just perfectly fine. There is nothing really special or really bad about this.

The Boozybrush Short Shader A03 is available at Boozyshop.nl for €4,95.

Well that was it for today’s review guys! I hope you enjoyed reading it and let me know which brush brand is your absolute favorite!


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