Essence All About Matt High Covering Concealer

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About a week ago I realised that I almost ran out of one of my favorite concealers ever. It saddened me because it isn’t available in the Netherlands. Therefore I had to get another one to fill up the time between me really running out of the concealer and me being able to replace it. The one I chose for that is the Essence All About Matt Concealer. If you’re interested in finding out whether it does a good job replacing my previous concealer, keep on reading!

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The concealer comes in a small tube. The packaging is different from all other concealers I’ve ever owned, but I like it. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s not transparent or partly transparent so you can’t see the color or how much is left. Besides that I think it looks good.

On the front it gives you some information about what it actually is and it tells you the color. I got this concealer in the lightest shade “10 Matt Beige”. There was only one more shade, which was slightly darker than this one, but not even dark enough for medium skin colored girls. That is something Essence does need to look at. It’s insane that if you’re slightly darker you can’t even buy face makeup from Essence!

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On the back of the tube it gives you some information on what this concealer is supposed to do. According to Essence the All About Matte High Covering Concealer is mattifying, creamy, perfect for covering imperfections and dark circles and it should leave you with a flawless matt finish. Well that sounds impressive doesn’t it?

The first thing I already don’t agree with is the covering part. I would say that this concealer has light to medium coverage. In order to cover up my dark circles you will have to come with something way better. The first time I used it I decided to apply a second layer on top of the first one. Well let me tell you I have never regretted anything more. Even though the coverage was better, my under eye area turned orange!

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When I bought the concealer and tested it out on my hand I felt like the shade was light enough for me, which it is if you look at it like this. But for some reason it doesn’t turn into a flawless matt finish, but in a orange matte finish. It’s not super dramatic and probably no one even noticed it, but I felt very awkward when I realized how orange this ended up looking. I feel like it kind of oxidated or something like that, because when you just apply it it’s still just a normal color.

The matt finish is true though. And it is long lasting. At the end of the day the concealer will still be there and it will still be as matt as always. But the thing is is that the matt finish doesn’t look super natural in combination with the rest of my face which does get a little shiny throughout the day.

Over all I have kind of mixed feelings about this concealer. It’s definitely not bad, but it’s just not the right concealer for me I guess.

The Essence All About Matt High Covering Concealer is available at the drugstore for €1,99.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review (even though it was a little less happy than normally) and let me know which concealer you absolutely love!


14 thoughts on “Essence All About Matt High Covering Concealer

  1. Fijne review, jammer van de minpunten. Ik heb de pen/stick van Essence deze vind ik wel fijn.


  2. Great review! Peach is actually a good shade for covering up dark circles. So maybe it just looked kind of orange because of that? 🙂 xo


    • Oeh die van Collection is inderdaad echt fijn! Ik heb ‘m een tijdje gebruikt, maar hij is bijna op. Het restje bewaar ik voor gala en andere speciale gelegenheden haha.


  3. Jammer dat je dus geen waardige vervanger hebt gevonden voor jouw favoriete concealer. 😦 Een oranje finish is zeker een afknapper wat mij betreft.


  4. Meehhh, die ga ik maar skippen dan! Die wordt véél te donker voor mij ook..


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