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As I told you guys a few days ago I received a little surprise package from Ziaja. The second product that was in there which I’m going to be reviewing today is their Cocoa Butter Cream in the Light Formula edition. The Cocoa range from Ziaja is pretty popular, so if you want to find why, keep on reading!

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The Ziaja Cocoa Butter Cream comes in a medium sized jar. The jar itself is brown and the lid and letters on there are blue. I really like the combination of the colors, they look really good together. The butter cream comes in two different versions. One with a blue lid which is the light formula and one with a brown lid which is the normal formula. I’m pretty happy I got the light formula since the skin on my body isn’t what you call dry. And since cocoa tends to be pretty moisturising, a light formula should be enough for me.

The little jar contains 100 ml of butter cream. This isn’t a surprisingly big amount, but it’s just normal. Because the cream itself is pretty thin you don’t need too much of it so the jar will still last pretty long.

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On the back of the jar Ziaja tells us what this butter cream is supposed to do. It says that this cream contains cocoa butter (surprise) and Vitamin E. It says that it will nourish your skin and regenerate the epidermis (skin) and improve your skin tone. Besides that it will also protect you from harmful sun rays and it’s also supposed to restore the accurate moisture level.

The first thing that came up to me was: how is this supposed to improve your skin tone? It’s not like a self tanning lotion, so what should it improve? That my friends is still a mystery to me. The fact that it will protect you from the sun is very positive. I feel like every skin care product should do that, since lots of people don’t put any SPF on their body while it is actually very important to do so.

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Because it’s a cocoa butter cream is obviously smells like cocoa. I’m never really sure whether I like that or not, but in this case I do like it. The sent isn’t too strong and it doesn’t make me nauseous. I was scared that it would smell like the Chocomania range from TBS which I absolutely hate, but luckily for me (and everyone who hated that range as well) it doesn’t.

When it comes to moisturising your body this cream does a pretty good job. I really love the way my skin feels after using this product. It sinks into the skin pretty quickly and afterwards you’ll be left with super soft and hydrated skin. It doesn’t leave any kind of greasy layer.

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The texture is also amazing. I really like it. It’s not as thick as a body butter, but it’s not as fluid as a lotion. I feel like the texture is kind of in between the texture of a Rituals body butter and a normal body lotion. I love that a lot since this way it’s super easy to blend but it does feel like it does a little more for your skin than a regular body lotion would do.

Over all I am a pretty big fan of this Ziaja Cocoa Body Cream. It blends into the skin super quickly, it doesn’t leave a greasy layer but it is nice and moisturising! I really recommend this product to you guys!

The Ziaja Cocoa Body Cream Light Formula is available at the Ziaja webshop and stores for €5,29.

I hope you liked today’s review and let me know which body lotion/cream/butter is your favorite!


6 thoughts on “Ziaja Cocoa Butter Cream

  1. Ik heb hier zelf de scrub van, en die geur vind ik zoooo lekker! De bodylotion variant klinkt ook erg fijn, wellicht dat ik die ook nog een keertje aanschaf!


  2. Klinkt erg goed! En iehhh, Chocomania van TBS, vreselijk! Fijn dat deze wel goed ruikt. Ruikt ‘ie een beetje als de producten van Palmer’s?


    • Die Chocomania lijn was echt een misser haha. Ik heb eigenlijk nog nooit iets van Palmers gebruikt dus ik kan niet echt zeggen of de geur erop lijkt!


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