O Burden Velvet Liquid Lip Gloss

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Since a few weeks I’m really starting to love the liquid lipstick trend which has been going on for forever already. I just love that it’s not that heavy on the lips, but still has quite a lot of pigmentation. Today I’m reviewing a pretty similar product. If you’re interested in finding out whether this one is a hit or a miss, keep on reading!

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The O Burden Velvet Liquid Lip Gloss comes in a clear plastic tube with a silver heart shaped lid. I do think the heart looks cute, but it does make it look a little more childish. The nice thing about the packaging is that you can immediately see which color you are dealing with.

The color I though I chose was very neutral, but again just like what happened with the lipstick it turned out to be a pretty bright color. It isn’t that big of a deal, but I was pretty shocked when I opened it. This isn’t a nearly neon pink, this is an actual neon pink lip gloss.

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The lip gloss comes with a pretty normal wand, just like most lip glosses do. I do like these kinds of wands, since they are in my opinion the best for applying your lip color. But this time that’s a little different. This lipgloss wasn’t easy to apply at all. I have to say that it’s not entirely the wand’s fault, but it is partially. The other reason why it’s so hard to apply is because of the texture.

The thing is that the lipgloss is in fact pigmented, but it doesn’t spread evenly at all. And if you want to go over it once more, the only thing that happens is that you move the product that was already there.

Naamloos 24

As I told you the texture is pretty weird as well. It’s sticky. But not sticky in a normal lip glossy way, but in a I can’t open my mouth any more way. Even though the pigmentation is amazing, I don’t think I am going to wear this lip gloss ever again. Maybe if you’re a professional at applying lip gloss you will manage to get it done properly, but I didn’t.

Naamloos 23

This is pretty awkward for me to show you guys, but this is what it looks like on the lips. It doesn’t look as bad as it did when I started applying it, but it still looks bad. You can tell that it’s super uneven and that it was a pain in the ass to apply.

Honestly I’m not that positive about this lip gloss. The only thing I do love about it is the pigmentation and that it will stay on your lips forever. The downside is that you won’t be able to easily open your mouth when you wear it. But if you’re good at applying lip gloss, you might be able to make it look fabulous.

The O Burden Velvet Liquid Lipstick is available here for $4,17 (If you use the code NMEH10 you can get a 10% discount on everything!)

That was it for today. Even though it wasn’t a really positive review, I still hope you enjoyed reading it! Let me know which lip product has let you down!

 This item was sent to me for a review.


12 thoughts on “O Burden Velvet Liquid Lip Gloss

  1. Ugh, sorry you had a rough time with this product, and thanks for sharing. Did you know that liquid lipstick was a trend that started in Korea? If you want to try more liquid lipsticks, give Etude House brand a go! I think it will look nicer and the formulation will be better – Asian skincare is always one step ahead of us, I guess! 🙂


    • That you so much for letting me know! I checked out their webshop and they have so many gorgeous products. The packagings are so adorable! I think I might order something soon haha!


  2. Jammer dat je niet zo enthousiast bent over de gloss. Wel ideaal dat ‘ie zo lang en goed op je lippen blijft zitten. Ik houd over het algemeen heel erg van felle en roze kleurtjes op de lippen, maar deze is net iets te fel denk ik!


  3. Mmh jammer zeg! De kleur is namelijk wel heel mooi. Beetje een misser dit want er zijn wel liquid lipsticks die goed verdelen en dus wel mooi zijn! Jammer! Bedankt voor de review, hoef ik ze iig niet meer te kopen! Ik ga je volgen! Liefs


  4. Wat jammer zeg. De verpakking ziet er wel super tof uit. Ik ben zelf niet zo van de lipglossjes, omdat het zo plakt. Geef mij maar gewoon een mooie matte lipstick.


  5. Oh wat een ge-wel-dige kleur, maar dat hij zo enorm plakt? Not so good! Erg jammer… =(


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