Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Trends


When it comes to fashion I’m never really following the latest trends. I just wear whatever I like. But this year it’s a little different. The trends that are hot and happening right now are actually pretty wearable and pretty in my opinion. Today I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite fashion trends from this spring and summer and some items that totally match those trends! If you’re interested, keep on reading!

Naamloos 1

This first trend is my personal favorite. Even though I don’t really own anything bohemian, I love this trend a lot. I think that the style is so pretty and laid back, while still being super fashionable. The items I chose that match this trend are all by Esprit. I feel like their items are all so trend-proof. I absolutely love that sweater in the middle. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s one of those sweaters that goes with everything and is really easy to style.

The striped shirt is also really pretty. I love the stripes combined with the lace. I feel like the lace adds the bohemian touch to it, but the stripes makes the shirt stand out and adds lots of color. The orangy/pinky shirt is also really cute. I love all the details on there!

1. Jersey €19,99
2. Sweater €59,99
3. Lace shirt €25,99

Naamloos 2

The second trend is all about pastels. Pastels have been pretty trendy for quite a few years and they still are. I really love how pastel colors can make you look sweet, innocent but also chic and classy. To match this trend I found a few gorgeous pieces on the Esprit webshop. I absolutely love how trendy their items are.

My favorite piece of the three has to be the mint cardigan. I love cardigans and I absolutely love mint. The color is just so pretty and anything mint gets me into a good mood.

1. Mint cardigan €59,99
2. Tshirt €19,99
3. Blouse €29,99

Naamloos 3

The last trend I want to share with you guys is the hat trend. I can remember that when I was little I used to think hats were ridiculous. I though the only person that could pull of wearing a hat was a magician. Luckily I know better now. Besides the fact that hats are super trendy right now, I also think they are just really pretty and fashionable. A hat can spice up your outfit in so many ways.

The ones I chose are all pretty different from each other, which is what I like about them. The first one is really classy and reminds me of Paris, while the second one is more like a beach proof hat. The last one is very chic and stylish in my opinion. The thing they all have in common is that they are all super, super pretty!

1. Hat €39,99
2. Beach hat €39,99
3. Hat €39,99

That was it for today guys! I hope you liked today’s post. I really liked making this post. I love finding pieces that match trends and my personal style! Let me know which trend you like the best!

All items shown in this article are available at the Esprit store or webshop!


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