Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish Buttercup

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When I went to Action about two weeks ago I came across the Revlon Colorstay nail polishes. In the Netherlands Revlon is a pretty difficult brand to get your hands on (in stores), so I was really excited to see them and I got two of them. The first one I got is the one I’m going to be reviewing today. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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The Revlon nail polishes come in these really pretty and classy packagings. The bottom part is made of glass and the lid is long and black and made of plastic. I really love how classy it looks. It has a very luxurious touch to it. The thing I love about this nail polish is that there is quite a lot of it. It contains 11.7 mL of nail polish, which I feel like is  a lot. It might not even be that much compared to other nail polishes, it might just look a like a lot because of the packaging, but I like that about it.

On top of the lid it says which shade of nail polish you have. The one I have is number 100 Buttercup. That name, isn’t that the most adorable nail polish name in the world? I love it when nail polishes have names, especially cute names like this one.

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Buttercup is a really pretty light pastel yellow color. I remember that I used to think yellow was one of the most hideous colors out there. Now don’t ask me why I though that, because I don’t know either. Nowadays I love yellow, especially pastel yellows like this one. Especially for the nails I think it’s gorgeous.

The brush this nail polish comes with is nothing too fancy or special. It’s pretty basic. The thing I do like about it is that the tip is rounded and that it’s not too small but also not super huge. Some brands try to make big brushes so you can apply the nail polish to your entire nail in one go, but honestly that never really works for me. This is way better.

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The coverage of this nail polish is amazing. It covers within two coats. It also lasts quite a long time. My nail polish tends to chip quickly because I have pretty weak nails, but this one lasted more than 4 days on me. That’s pretty insane. The only downside to this nail polish is that it doesn’t dry quickly at all. Within a few hours you will be able to do everything, but when you go to sleep you will wake up with those annoying scratches in your nail polish. I applied it at least 6 hours before I went to bed and I still had that. Maybe using a quick dry nail polish will prevent that!

But over all I’m pretty happy I bought this nail polish. I am so in love with the color and the fact that it stays on my nails for quite a long time. The brush is also really nice and the nail polish will last you forever. I definitely recommend this one!

The Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish in Buttercup is available at lots of online stores for about €6,99 and for Dutchies it’s also available at Action for €0,99.

That was it for today! Thanks for reading today’s review and let me know if you’ve ever tried a Revlon nail polish!



13 thoughts on “Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish Buttercup

  1. I saw this on hey claire on YT. Gorgeous colour!! Love your blog would be fab if you could check mine out too xxx


  2. Ohh wat een lief, zomers kleurtje zeg! Nu wil ik ook weer pastelgeel op m’n nagels, hihi.. ♥ Fijn dat ‘ie ook wel goed blijft zitten!


  3. Wat een fijn zomers kleurtje! Jammer dat het drogen zo langzaam gaat (maar voor een euro bij de action is het wel echt een koopje!)


  4. Wat een mooi lakje! De laatste tijd hou ik steeds meer van geel in kleding en op de nagels is het ook wel heel mooi! X


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