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Maybelline mascara’s have always been one of my favorites. I love trying out all of their mascara’s. A while ago I bought two ones which I’ve never tried before. Today I’ll review one of them, the Maybelline Big Eyes mascara. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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The Maybelline Big Eyes mascara is a little different from your usual mascara because it has a separate brush for your top and bottom lashes. Therefore the tube is a little longer than it usually is. I do really like the look of the packaging. It’s not classy, it’s not cheap, it’s just typical Maybelline, which I do really like.

On the back of the tube it says what this mascara is supposed to do. It says that the brush for the top lashes pushes up the lashes and widens them. The brush for the bottom lashes is supposed to magnify tiny lashes. Sounds great.

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The brush for the top lashes is pretty basic. It’s nothing too special, just your regular mascara brush. I do really like the way this makes my lashes look. It applies the mascara nicely and it does what it’s supposed to do. I do have to say that the effect is not extremely amazing, but it does do what a mascara is supposed to do.

The formula is also pretty nice, but it’s not my favorite kind. I prefer mascara’s that make my lashes a little hard and stiff because I feel like those mascara just work better for me and they will stay longer. This mascara is rather soft. Some people might like that, but it’s not my fave.

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The brush for the bottom lashes is a lot smaller. It’s a really teeny tiny brush that literally gets all the little bottom lash hairs. It’s a really nice brush because you get work really precise with it and it really lengthens and accentuates the bottom lashes. I love that effect.

The thing I love most about this mascara is that it stays on the lashes. I’ve had lots of trouble with mascara smudging in the past couple of months, but luckily this mascara gets me out of that trouble. No more panda eyes for me.

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The effect on my lashes is pretty impressive. Again it’s not mind blowing, but it’s pretty and I like it. I do think that at the end of the day the effect does kind of fade. I don’t know how or why and I really don’t get where the mascara went, but I feel like it’s just less “wow” at the end of the day.

But over all I think the Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara is a good one. I especially love the bottom lash brush because it just really accentuates the little tiny hairs there. It’s definitely worth the try!

The Maybelline Big Eyes mascara is available at drugstores for €15,99.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s article and let me know which mascara is your favorite!


10 thoughts on “Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

  1. He, deze heb ik ook! Alleen nog niet geprobeerd. Moet ik wel snel eens doen, zo te lezen! Echt een mooi effect bij jou. Jammer dat hij je wimpers niet hard maakt, dat vind ik mijzelf ook het prettigst op de een of andere manier haha!


  2. Ziet er mooi uit, maar jammer dat het minder wordt. eigenlijk gebeurt dat denk ik wel bij alle mascara’s, ik heb een hele dure van the body shop en daar gebeurt het ook bij. x


    • Haha, I would go crazy too if I went shopping in the U.S. Makeup is pretty expensive here, especially compared to the prices in the U.S.


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