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Using a moisturiser that fits your skin type is really important. Lately I’ve not been getting that much sleep and that does affect my skin. The other day I came across this Garnier moisturiser which is especially made for people with dull tired skin like me. If you’re interested in finding out whether it really works or not, keep on reading!

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The Garnier Moisture Match moisturiser comes in a pretty basic orange tube. The thing I do like about it is that the tube is packaged in a little box. I prefer that actually because of the way it looks and because I feel like when something is packaged in a box you’re more sure it hasn’t been used yet.

The moisturiser I chose is especially made for dull skin. If you haven’t been sleeping a lot your skin tends to get a little more dull and loses it’s natural glow. This moisturiser says that it’s supposed to restore that.

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On the back of the tube it gives you a small amount of information about the product. The only thing they tell you is that it’s made for tired to dull skin and that the tube contains 50 mL of moisturiser. Most of my moisturisers only contain 40 mL, so in comparison to that this one is slightly better.

But what you’re obviously most curious about is whether it works or not. Well let me tell you, this stuff actually works. The thing this moisturiser mainly does is add a healthy glow to your skin. I’m normally not that into glowy moisturisers because I have oily skin, but the glow this product gives you is not an oily glow, but a healthy one which I really love. It really adds that extra bit of life to your skin.

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The texture is really nice as well. It’s a little gelly. It feels really cooling and fresh on the skin and it’s super easy to blend. Because it’s gel based it doesn’t feel oily and it doesn’t make my skin feel or look oily at all, which was something I though it would do.

The only thing you do have to keep in mind is that this moisturiser does take a little while to sink in into the skin. It doesn’t take awfully long, but it’s not like my other moisturisers. I don’t really mind that, but it is something you need to know. If you’re someone who’s always in a hurry this is not the moisturiser for you.

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Over all I think the Garnier Moisture Match is a great product. It doesn’t make my skin feel or look oily, it doesn’t break me out and it does what it’s supposed to do. I really like it! I definitely recommend trying this moisturiser if you’re struggling with dull skin too!

The Garnier Moisture Match moisturiser is available at for €8,45.

I hope you liked reading today’s review and let me know which moisturiser is your favorite!



9 thoughts on “Garnier Moisture Match

  1. Ooh this looks nice (great for my terrible sleeping schedule…). I’ve only tried the one in the yellow bottle, it’s also glowy but it’s more of a shimmery yellow glow, if that makes sense? Great review ❤


  2. Fab review!! Love your blog would be fab if you could check out my latest post too xxx


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