Ziaja Vitamin E Eye Cream

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When I was younger I used to think eye cream was one of those unnecessary products that wouldn’t make a difference. Nowadays eye cream is an essential part in my skin care routine. Therefore I like trying out new ones, like this Ziaja Vitamin E eye cream which I am going to be reviewing today. If you’re interested, you should keep on reading!

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The eye cream is packaged in a very pretty slim but quite long white tube with pink details. I love how clean and simple the Ziaja packaging are while still being pretty cute. The tube contains 15 ml of eye cream, which is a pretty normal amount when it comes to eye creams.

When you open the tube up you’ll find a little spout through which the product comes out. I feel like that works best for eye creams like this because this is the easiest way to get the amount of product out you need. Besides that it’s also very  hygienic.

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On the back of the tube Ziaja gives us some more information about this particular eye cream. It says that the Vitamin E eye cream smoothes wrinkles, moisturises and tones the under eye area and that it will reduce the puffiness. Despite that it’s also fragrance free.

I was a little sceptical about the reduced puffiness part because lots of eye creams promise that, but not actually does the job. Well I can tell you this one is an exception. I honestly feel like this actually reduces the puffiness and makes my under eye area look a lot more awake and alive than it is. The toning part is slightly through as well. Obviously it won’t magically make the darkness disappear, but it does make a difference. The only part I’m not sure about is the wrinkle part, since I don’t have wrinkles yet.

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The texture is also really nice. It’s pretty liquidy and it’s super easy to blend into the skin. Because it’s this liquidy you don’t need a lot of it so the tube will last you quite a long time. It also sinks into the skin pretty quickly, it only takes a minute or so until you can continue with the rest of your skin care or makeup.

Over all I think that this Ziaja Vitamin E Eye Cream is the eye cream for me. Even though it says it’s made for wrinkle prone skin, it’s perfectly fine for my skin as well. It does do what it promises and the little tube will last you forever because you only need a teeny tiny amount of it. I really recommend this to anyone struggling with puffy eyes!

The Ziaja Vitamin E Eye Cream is available at the Ziaja webshop and store for €4,29.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review, let me know which eye cream is your favorite!



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