4x Hema Fabulous Fluid Lipsticks

Naamloos 44

About two months ago (maybe three) Hema launched a new lip color range: the Fabulous Fluid Lipsticks. I have been loving liquid lipsticks lately so I decided to buy four and try them. Today I’m going to be reviewing all four of them. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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The Hema Fabulous Fluid Lipsticks come in these round tubes. The shape is pretty similar to the NYX Butterglosses, but this one is slightly bigger and has quite a different look to it. I do like the simplicity and that you’re able to see which color you’re dealing with. It’s not spectacular or anything, it’s just basic Hema and I love that.

The first color I’m going to review for you guys is color number 4. Hema never really gives their products names, so we have to stick to the numbers for today. Number 4 is one of the most neutral colors from this range. It’s a bit of a purply pink nude color.

Naamloos 42

The thing with these fluid lipsticks is, is that they are pretty pigmented. It’s not like a lipgloss at all. The only way in which these are similar to lipglosses is that they are fluid. I do like that they are this pigmented, but that does make them less wearable. It’s not like a “my lips but better” color, because the pigmentation makes the color stand out, even though it’s a neutral one.

Naamloos 41

Naamloos 40

The next color is a little bit brighter. It’s number 5, which is a pretty bright pink color. It’s not the color I would usually go for, but I do really like the look of it. It’s definitely a nice color for the summer time, which is coming up pretty soon. I really like it.

The texture of these lipsticks is really nice. They are pretty thin and easy to spread out. The thing that makes them even more perfect is that they aren’t sticky at all. That’s to me a very important feature.

Naamloos 39

Next up is color number 8, which is a more bold and daring orangy color. I expected it to be a little bit more coral than it actually is, but I do like the look of it. It’s definitely a color that is going to be noticed and that is going to stand out, but I do feel like it would look good on lots of people. It’s not a color that only suits a small amount of people.

Besides that it’s always nice to have being a Dutchie since it’s the color of our country. You can always wear it during King’s Day, the World Cup or any other thing like that.

Naamloos 38

The applicator these lipstick come with is really nice. It’s slightly bigger than I’m  used to, but it’s super easy to apply the color with it. It goes on really smoothly and spreads out pretty evenly. Even for clumsy and shaky people like me it is in fact possible to apply your lipstick neatly with this, which is quite special.

Naamloos 37

Naamloos 36

The very last color I bought is color number 7. I think this one is my favorite out of the four colors. It’s a really pretty rosy red color. It’s my favorite type of red. I’m not used to wearing really bold lip colors, but I’d definitely wear this one. I’m not even sure if it looks good on me, but I’m so in love with the color I don’t even care.

I do feel like some colors were easier to apply than others. This one for example went on pretty smoothly, while color number 5 was a little bit more troubling. With this I don’t mean it’s horrible or bad or whatever, it just wasn’t as easy as the other ones.

Naamloos 52

And this is what they look like on. I’m so impressed by it’s pigmentation. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I also really love the shiny finish and the nice and creamy texture. The thing you do need to keep in mind is that these will stay a little wet and they will transfer onto anything you touch with your lips, so they are definitely not date proof.

But over all I think I’m a pretty big fan. I really like the colors  and the texture. Besides that I’m also pretty impressed by the fact it was this easy to apply them. They are definitely worth the try. Good job Hema!

The Hema Fabulous Fluid Lipsticks are available at the Hema webshop and stores for €4,-.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post and let me know which color is your favorite!


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