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Lately I’ve been a bit more into the lipglosses. I used to not wear any lip products at all because I just always forgot. But because I felt like that was a waste I decided to start wearing my lip products more often. Therefore I’d like to show you five of my favorite pink lipglosses today (including lip swatches). If you’re interested, keep on reading

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The very first lipgloss is a combination between a lipgloss and a liquid lipstick. It’s the NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer (I wrote that wrong on the picture with the swatches). The color I own is called “Central Park Passion”. This was the prettiest and most natural one from the entire collection in my opinion. The thing I love about this lipgloss is that it stays on your lips for a very, very long time and that once it dried you don’t feel it any more. This is one of those lip products you just put on and don’t have to worry about all day.

I remember that when they came out I really, really wanted one and I couldn’t find it anywhere. When I finally found it I was very happy. But honestly, I haven’t worn it much, but I am going to change that since this baby is gorgeous!

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Next up is another one of my favorites. It’s the Essence Lip Candies Beautifying Lip Care in the color Sugar Shock, which is a very pretty peachy pink color. I love colors like this a lot. This lipgloss is compared to the NYC Lip Lacquer not that pigmented, but it does add a hint of color. Besides adding some color it’s also taking care of your lips as the name already says. The lipgloss is very soft and doesn’t feel annoying on the lips at all. It’s not sticky or anything at all. This lipgloss is perfect for those of you who dislike the feeling of lipgloss, but do want to wear a fun lipgloss.

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Next up is the NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Maple Blondie. I’ve always wanted a NYX Butter Gloss. I heard so many positive things about it. Therefore I was extremely happy when I found out I won a give away that included NYX products. I didn’t know yet what I was going to receive, but oh lord it’s unbelievable how happy I was when I found out that this little beauty was in the package.

The NYX Butter Gloss is not as pigmented as the NYC Lip Lacquer but also not as sheer as the Essence Lip Candies. It’s a bit in between. I really like that. But my very favorite thing about it is still the color. It gorgeous!

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The next lipgloss I want to show you guys is the E.L.F. Luscious Liquid Lipstick in the shade Perfect Pink. This is literally the perfect pink color for me. The product does say it’s a liquid lipstick, but I honestly don’t feel like it is. It’s definitely more like a lipgloss. The pigmentation is in between Essence and NYX and the consistency looks an awful lot like a lipgloss. It’s actually very sticky, but it does stay on your lips for like 5 hours. That’s definitely impressive. Besides that it also smells really, really good.

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The very last lipgloss I want to show you guys is not really a lipgloss. It’s one of those lipbalm stick thingies. But on your lips it looks a lot like a lipgloss, so I decided to throw it in here. It’s the HEMA Easy Shine Lipbalm in color number 5. It’s a very pretty glossy and slightly sheer lip product, but I really love it because of it’s moisture.

I do have to say that I wasn’t actually planning on buying it. I actually wanted to buy the Soft Matt Lipbalm by HEMA, but because they look very similar and I was in a bit of a rush I didn’t realise I picked up a different one. It’s not a big deal since I really love this color. It’s only a good excuse to buy another lipbalm/gloss/stick.

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This is what the lipglosses look like on my lips. As you can tell some are slightly more pigmented than the others, but they are all very pretty in my opinion. I honestly don’t know which one is my favorite since I love them all a lot. It’s so hard to choose which one I want to wear every time I do my makeup haha!

I hope you enjoyed today’s article and let me know which pink lipgloss is your favorite!

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8 thoughts on “5x Pink Lipgloss

  1. I bought my first ever NYX Butter a Gloss today and I am in LOVE. The texture is amazing, and keeps my lips so hydrated! Can’t believe I’ve gone this long without it. 😅


  2. Wauw hele mooie lipproducten! Die van Essence en de HEMA vind ik het leukste! 🙂 Zelf draag ik nooit lipgloss, maar eerder lipstick! Lipgloss plakt zo helaas.


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